The 9mm is one of the most popular handguns in use. It packs enough stopping power for protection and its light recoil makes it easy to handle. This is why the 9mm is an excellent handgun for beginners and gun enthusiasts alike. Because the 9mm pistol is cost-effective and reliable, it has become the preferred sidearm for most law enforcement officers. Even the FBI recently switched from .40 caliber pistols to the 9mm.

So You Want a 9mm, Now What?

Choosing the best 9mm pistol to buy has a lot to do with you. With many different makes and models on the market, there is one that’s bound to suit your needs. You will also need to determine what you want to use your handgun for. Will it be self-defense or for target practicing?

If you’re struggling to determine whether to buy a .40 or a 9mm, don’t worry. They are both excellent pistols. While similar in nature, the.40 caliber pistol can pack quite a punch. With that said, the 9mm can also hold its own, and is much easier to control.

Here are some reasons why the 9mm pistol is one of the most popular sidearms for police officers and self-defense:

  • Easy to handle, making it highly accurate when it matters
  • Reasonably priced – this is partly because there are simply more 9mm pistols on the market than any other type of handgun
  • Durable and can withstand years of usage
  • Most have a higher capacity than .40 caliber pistols
  • A wide selection of ammo to choose from

You Can Even Hunt with Your 9mm Pistol

When people think of the 9mm pistol, the first two functions that come to mind are target shooting and self-defense. Did you know that the 9mm pistol is also a valuable tool to have with you on your hunting trips? Handgun hunting is a real thing, and it’s popular among many handgun enthusiasts.

Before you take your 9mm pistol on the next hunting trip, be sure to check your state laws regarding pistols and ammo beforehand. Breaking any firearm-related laws will do much more than ruin a good hunting trip, so it’s important to know what animals you are allowed to hunt with your 9mm pistol.

If there are no legal issues preventing you from hunting with your 9mm pistol, go ahead. Hunting with a 9mm pistol can be a fun way to take down small game like woodchuck and rabbit. Going deer hunting with a 9mm is a bit impractical, and in some places, illegal. If you’re interested in going after big game on a handgun hunting trip, bring something like a .357 or .44 magnum.

Pros and Cons of Hunting with Your 9mm

Handgun hunting is something that is a personal preference. It’s completely different than hunting with a rifle or bow, making it a hobby that is not for everyone. Here are some things to consider before you go hunting with your 9mm:

  • Hunting with a 9mm pistol will require you to sneak closer to your target before opening fire
  • You will need excellent aim and concentration to hit an animal with your pistol
  • Some critics argue that it’s unethical to shoot small game with a 9mm pistol when you could get a proper shot off with a low caliber rifle
  • There are different laws surrounding handgun hunting than bow and rifle hunting
  • Your 9mm pistol should be reserved for small game, but it can actually be too powerful for anything smaller than a woodchuck

Choosing the Best Compact 9mm Pistol

When you’re looking to buy a 9mm pistol, you will want something that is rugged and dependable. Whatever you plan on using your handgun for, you want to be sure that it will never jam on when you need to use it. Below, I will provide an in-depth 9mm pistol review for some of the most popular handguns on the market.

The Glock 26 Gen 4 9mm Pistol

The Glock 26 Gen 4 9mm Pistol

Choosing a Glock is always an excellent choice when you’re in the market for a solid firearm. Their pistols are known to take a beating without every jamming up. Dependability is what makes the Glock 26 the best 9mm pistol for home defense and law enforcement .

The sleek design gives the Glock 26 a stylish appeal, while it’s short barrel and compact frame makes carrying it easy. Simply put, it is an excellent gun for anyone who wants to buy a 9mm pistol for concealed carry. Furthermore, the Glock 26 is also very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry on your person.

It is no surprise that a Glock would make the list for best 9mm pistols. Durability alone places this model above the rest. However, it does come with a few drawbacks:

  • The trademark Glock grip feels unnatural in the hands of many people
  • It has significant recoil due to being small and lightweight
  • The trigger must be pulled back a full inch to fire the pistol
  • The gun doesn’t have night sights

With that said, Glock has added an upgrade to their Gen4. The magazine release button has been modified, making it easier for left-handed shooters to access. At just over $500, this pistol is an excellent choice to add to your collection.



If you’re looking for a compact pistol that you can carry with you wherever you go, look no further than the SCCY CPX-II . The size and comfort of this handgun make it the best 9mm pistol for concealed carry . The CPX-II is slim and lightweight, and it has the capacity to hold 10+1 rounds.

The CPX-II weighs 15 ounces and is much less clunky than some of the more popular compact 9mm pistols on the market. This makes it an excellent pistol for people looking for both comfort and stopping power. If you’re looking for a gun that looks sleek and feels great to hold, the CPX-II is the model for you.

The suggested retail for the CPX-II is an affordable $319, but this model has been caught selling for as little as $250. Not only does the price practically make it a steal, but you will be getting the best 9mm pistol under $300 hands down.

The CPX-II is reliable and great to hold. It feels solid and sturdy, and doesn’t have that toy-like feel that’s common in other affordable guns. SCCY even added bright, white dots on the sight to assist you, should you need to use your gun in low light.

There are a few components of the CPX-II that could be improved. For example, the trigger takes an unusual amount of force to depress, the magazine doesn’t work well with steel-cased rounds, and there are no aftermarket options available for this model. With that said, the CPX-II is an excellent gun for the price. If you’re buying it for self-defense, you will not be disappointed.

The FN Herstal FNX-9

The FN Herstal FNX-9

When it comes to performance, the FNX-9 is the Cadillac of guns. It is lightweight, durable, and deadly accurate. The FNX-9’s four-inch stainless steel barrel brings a game-changing level of accuracy. For this reason, it is probably the b est 9mm pistol for target shooting available on the market today.

The FNX-9 usually sells for over $500 and it comes with a lot of perks. When you buy this pistol, you also get three 17-round magazines, four back straps, and a gun that is easy to hold and control. It can also double as a concealed carry pistol.

Unlike the FNX-45, which was criticized for being too bulky to conceal, the FNX-9 will fit comfortably on your person. The pistol’s dimensions are:

  • Length – 7.4″
  • Width – 1.55″
  • Height – 5.43″

While it is still considered a compact pistol, it is one of the larger compact models available on the market.

A few minor complaints about the FNX-9 include its trigger, which doesn’t provide proper tactical feedback, and that the magazine often needs extra force to catch securely. With that said, the gun is ambidextrous, making it easy to use for right-handed people as well as southpaws. Overall, this pistol is an excellent mid-range 9mm for self-defense and target shooting.

Choosing the Right Ammo for your 9mm

As I have mentioned, the 9mm is one of the most commonly used handguns on the market. For this reason, there are a lot of different ammunition manufacturers who make bullets for this gun. Some of these bullets are basic, others are exceptional. Before you go out and try to buy the best 9mm ammo, you first need to consider what you will be using the ammunition for.

If You’re Looking to Hit the Range

If you plan on doing a little training or target practice, consider buying full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets. These are some of the cheaper bullets on the market. They don’t have any extra features that make them excel in self-defense or hunting, but they are great for improving your aim.

If You’re Using Your 9mm Pistol for Protection

If self-defense is your ultimate goal, use hollow-point bullets with your 9mm pistol. A bit more expensive in price, these bullets expand on impact and create a greater amount of damage than standard FMJ bullets. Additionally, the target absorbs all of the bullet’s energy, so the chances of an innocent bystander getting hurt are minimal.

Hunting Ammo for Your 9mm

Realistically, you should be hunting small game with a 9mm. The chances of you killing a buck with your 9mm pistol are slim. If you even do hit him, you will probably just inflict unnecessary suffering on an animal that you can’t kill. For small game like rabbits and woodchucks, consider using FMJ rounds. Hollow-points will be overkill, especially with rabbits.

Overpressure Ammo

If you have seen the +P ammo and are unsure what that means, it stands for overpressure. These bullets release a little extra energy to strengthen the bullet. Your +P 9mm bullets aren’t going to be overloaded with extra stopping power, but they will have a higher velocity , which can have an influence on the bullet seating depth. For this reason, they are often popular for hunting and home protection.

Why the 9mm Is an Excellent Pistol

There is a reason that the 9mm has become the go-to handgun for protection. It’s effective, lightweight, and easy to carry. While there are other, higher caliber, pistols on the market with more stopping power than the 9mm, they don’t have the versatility of a 9mm.

The 9mm pistol is the full package. It’s accurate, strong enough to take down a threat, and it is light enough on recoil to easily handle. Moreover, if you’re in a tough situation and need to use your 9mm to protect yourself, you will be thankful of the higher magazine capacity that comes with most models.

Once you have made the decision to purchase a 9mm pistol, do some shopping around. One of the biggest advantages of purchasing this type of handgun is that you have a variety of models and manufacturers to choose from. You should sample various ones until you find the best 9mm pistol for you.

Don’t focus too much on brand names. Glock, for example, has a reputation for excellence. There are few guns out there that are as dependable as a Glock. However, many people don’t like the feel of a Glock, and shooting one comfortable is something that can take some getting used to. For this reason, you should always try out a gun before you make a decision to purchase it.


Are you in the market for a powerful gun that can be comfortably concealed? If so, the 9mm pistol is the right handgun for you. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised when you shoot a 9mm on the range and see how accurate and easy it is to handle.

Furthermore, if you are someone who enjoys customizing your guns, consider buying a 9mm from one of the more popular manufacturers. There are countless upgrades and mods for 9mm pistols made by SIG Sauer and Glock. If you are a handgun enthusiast, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have a 9mm pistol as part of your collection.


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