Best Gun ViseIf you want the most accurate and reliable firearm, it requires consistent maintenance of all parts and general cleaning on a regular basis. It is highly recommended to clean your gun after each and every shooting session to remove residues and debris that if left unattended can cause serious harm to your weapon or worse, you.

Bestseller No. 2
Tipton Best Gun Vise for Cleaning, Gunsmithing and Gun Maintenance
Ease of use: L-shape center support holds break-open guns securely and separate quick-release cam blocks move independently to accommodate any stock shape
Bestseller No. 3
Tipton Gun Butler
Great for storage, organization and transportation of cleaning supplies

Build up of unwanted materials can potentially lead to a squib bullet which if fired once more can lead to devastating, even potentially life-threatening, gun malfunctions. Not only that, but a clean gun means mechanisms and individual parts can perform to their highest potential, and when your gun is working flawlessly your accuracy will be better too. Cleaning ensures your firearm will be reliable dependable, and accurate.

There are many tools to aid in cleaning but there is one tool that adds a level of convenience unlike any other, and that is the gun vise.

Having the best gun vise can make it incredibly easier to clean the hard to reach places on your firearm, and many provide the convenience of having all your cleaning essentials together in one place. Whether you are looking for the best gun vise for scope mounting, or you need the best gun vise for AR-15 rifles you can be sure that this gun vise reviews top 5 list will have what you need.

Things to Consider​

Before you go ahead and pick a new gun vise at random, there are a few things you should think about and consider.

One, how firm in place would you like to stabilize your firearm? In other words, are you trying to use your new gun vise to sight in your firearms?

Two, what firearms will you be wanting to use it with, because not every vise will fit every kind of rifle. You want to be sure you can reach all the necessary components of your gun to clean them efficiently which is why the height of the gun vise is important.

Lastly, what sort of extras would you prefer, if any? Would you like a tray to set oily cleaning supplies or an attached tote to keep all your supplies together in one place? As you can imagine, the ‘fit’ is the most important element to keep in mind.

These are personal things to consider and due to this, there may be many other little things you might particularly be looking for, or hope to get out of your gun vise. The important thing is to look at as many as you can, be sure your firearms will fit nicely, and if you can check them out in person. If you cannot for whatever reason then try cross-referencing multiple resources such as product reviews like these here. Then determine the right one for you.

Top 5 Gun Vise Reviews​

In no particular order, here are some quick reviews of the top 5 gun vises.

P3 Ultimate Gun Vise

CTK PRECISION P3 Ultimate Gun Vise
  • The perfect tool for gun maintenance, gun cleaning and boresighting!
  • Adjusts to accommodate both rifles and pistols.
  • Optional Rest Attachment converts Gun Vise into a Shooting Rest in...
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with durable E-coat finish inside and...
  • Made in the USA!

If you are looking to get one of the most versatile and simple of gun vises then look no further than the P3 Ultimate gun vise from CTK Precision. It’s ‘T’ shaped base has 3 stabilizers with locks so once you have it level and in place, you do not have to worry about it at all. This is especially useful considering the fact the P3 Ultimate gun vise comes with an interchanging shooting rest pad making it even more versatile and useful beyond the scope of cleaning.

It’s from ‘Y’ shaped vise grip has an adjustable height as well and can accommodate any type of firearm from pistols to sniper rifles. The rear ‘V’ grip can slide all the way forward or back, again to accommodate both pistols and rifles, and will adjust in width to obtain the most secure grip.

Made from extremely durable steel and other tough materials, the P3 Ultimate gun vise will do more than just get the job done. It is perfect for extensive cleaning, scope mounting, even bore sighting and more. Between this gun vise’s versatility, design, and price, this is arguably the best gun vise for the money and probably the best AR-15 gun vise.

Tipton Gun Vise

Tipton Gun Vise
  • Great for cleaning and gunsmithing
  • Non-marring contact surfaces
  • Rigid, solvent-resistant polymer stands up to years of hard use
  • Convenient 1 piece design
  • Internal compartments for tools, solvents and parts

The Tipton is another fantastic vise that includes some wonderful features including the bottom tray with separate organizers so not even the smallest of springs can be misplaced. It makes for one of the most convenient cleaning stations and beyond that, it securely fastens your rifle without marring or potentially damaging it in any way.

The Tipton gun vise can conform to just about any firearm including AR’s, bolt actions, pistols, break-open shotguns, and more. This is done through a multitude of functional adjustments including individual offset rear clamps for a superbly tight hold. It is made from durable and very high-quality materials that are solvent resistant so you don’t have to worry about making a mess and eventually destroying your vise.

For just under one hundred dollars the Tipton gun vise will give you what you need and adjust to fit your specific firearm and your desired needs. This gun vise is 32 inches in length and only 8 inches wide so it can fit on a multitude of tables, desks, or benches.

Lyman Revolution Gun Vise

Without any doubt, the Lyman Revolution Gun Vise is among the top when it comes to the gun vises for cleaning, and this is due to a very unique and very useful feature. It can rotate your firearm while still being completely secured in place. This allows you to reach any part of your firearm without ever having to strain or detach and adjust your firearm. This convenience is matched by its versatility including the ability to hold any kind of rifle. This is one useful tool to have when doing maintenance on your firearms.

The Lyman Revolution Gun Vise is made from a lightweight but incredibly sturdy plastic compound which makes it easy to maneuver and position. It also breaks down which allows it to be stored easily. Another notable feature is the sliding tray which keeps all your tools in one place and helps maintain a clean work space. This is a great gun vise at a great price.

Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise

Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise
  • Works as a 3 shot sighting system
  • Adjusts to any length gun
  • Supports guns perfectly for cleaning and scope mounting
  • Welded tubular steel construction
  • Parts tray included

The Hyskore gun vise is another incredibly durable and versatile tool. This is arguably the best gun vise for sighting in because it has been designed to be incredibly secure. It has the standard front ‘V’ rest, a rear vise grip and a strap to go over your rifle and to keep it in the exact position needed even after shots have been fired. It can adjust heights to become level on uneven surfaces and adjusts to fit nearly any firearm length.

This highly durable gun vise is made from strong steel and finished with a powder coat to add more protection. It also includes a plastic cleaning tray so you can keep everything neat and organized whether you are at the range or at home.

With a low sticker price, it is certainly one to strongly consider. It will get the job done, and being built to sight rifles in only makes it that much better.

Plano Shooters Case

Plano Shooters Case (X-Large)
  • Large field case offers deep storage, a lift-out tray, and a staggered...
  • Staggered yoke system holds your rifle securely for cleaning and...
  • Equipped with a handle for comfortable carrying
  • Case measures 22 by 14.25 by 11.5 inches
  • Lifetime warranty against defects

The Plano Shooters Case is a wonderfully unique and pragmatic shooting vise specifically designed to be the ultimate cleaning tool. This is because it is one large case that gives you a ton of storage with the whole case measuring 18X9X13.5 inches. It comes with two separate trays that can be lifted out which are great for organizing or they can be left out to make one large inner storage compartment.

On the top, after the lid has been removed, are the staggered yokes to hold your rifle in place. Unfortunately, this gun vise does not support pistols, nor does it have many adjustments to fit an array of firearms. That said, even though it is limited it is less than fifty dollars which all of a sudden makes this gun vise much more worth it. Not only can you keep everything for cleaning together, organized in one place, but you don’t have to break the bank in order to have a functional gun vise.

Due to the Plano Shooters case’s large storage compartment, the dividing trays which lift out creating room to work comfortably underneath your rifle, and the yoke system make this arguably the best gun vise for cleaning. Made from sturdy synthetic plastic compounds this gun vise/cleaning case is not only durable but lightweight as well. This makes an ideal storage container.


Choosing the best gun vise does not have to be overly complicated, and hopefully, this top five list helps you out some. Just be sure the firearms you have will fit, it will provide any extra features you like without compromising its practical use, and it’s within your budget. Whether you need a gun vise with multiple purposes or one as simplistic as possible, there is a gun vise for you within this top five.