GEO-PAK HuntSmartphone apps have revolutionized the way humans go about our daily lives, as nowadays most people use a variety of apps for banking, online shopping and a range of other activities. In the world of hunting, apps have also begun to show their usefulness, with a huge number of hunters now relying on a variety of apps to assist them either out in the field or with planning their hunt. Still, with thousands upon thousands of different apps now available, this list will be focused on helping you determine which ones are actually worth your time. Therefore, without further ado, we now present you with our list of the top 40 best hunting apps currently available.

Must-Haves: The 5 Best Hunting Apps of 2020


A truly innovative app, GEO-PAK Hunt provides premium users with a huge range of features that allow you and your entire party to track the hunt in real time. Plan out your hunt before heading into the field using the GPS mapping function, and create up to 1,000 boundary points to ensure you stay within your hunting area. You can also save the directions to your stands so no one in the party gets lost. The app allows you to fully map out your entire hunting area, and even track your position and the position of everyone else in your party in real time using the camera feature. You’ll see instantly if the wind changes direction or anyone in your group starts moving.

All members of the group must be connected to the app via GPS, and you can even put GPS trackers on your dogs to track their location as well. The app also offers a wide range of other features, allowing you to download trail cam pictures, view and analyze statistics of your hunts. Still, the most unique feature is the camera function, which gives you an augmented view of reality—allowing you to instantly find the range of any object, see exactly where every member of your party is, their distance from you and how fast they’re moving.

GEO-PAK Hunt is available for both Android and iPhone, and best of all, premium subscriptions are quite affordable. Monthly, three-month hunting season and yearly subscriptions are available. Plus, you get to try out all of the premium features for free before you buy it, as all users receive a free one-week trial of GEO-PAK Hunt’s premium services after downloading the app. With all of the huge benefits provided by the premium subscription, there’s no doubt that GEO-PAK Hunt is one of the best hunting apps for Android and iPhone.

Apple & Android- Free and Subscription versions available

SAS Survival Guide

One of the best-selling survival guides is now available in a handy Android and iPhone app. With SAS Survival Guide, you can be fully prepared for any situation you might encounter out in the wild. The app features a range of survival tips for every possible climate and a highly useful first aid section in case something should go wrong. It also includes a sun-compass, survival videos and a range of photo galleries to help you identify animal tracks, snakes, and plants that are poisonous, medicinal and edible. There’s also an entire section dedicated to knot tying should you need it.

Even if you think you remember everything you were taught in Boy Scouts, there’s no telling what sort of situations you might encounter out in the field. Therefore, this app is truly a must-have, as it ensures that you’ll know exactly what to do should you find yourself in an emergency—no matter what type of emergency it is or where you’re located.

Android and Apple users can take advantage of a free, ad-supported version (SAS Survival Guide Lite) or choose to download the paid version for a faster, cleaner experience. As well, there is also a special version produced especially for iPad.

Apple & Android- $5.99/ iPad Version- $6.99


One of the top free hunting apps on the market, HuntStand is a truly revolutionary hunting and land management app that provides a wide range of online and off-line features. Users can map out their hunt area using a variety of custom icons, view weather tracking information and share and edit maps with their friends. You can also upload hunting area maps to the app, and even access free property owner information and parcel boundaries for most of the country.

HuntStand also features the unique HuntZone scent tool, which allows you to track exactly where your scent will be throughout the hunt based on wind speed, direction and time. With this tool, you can see exactly where you should set up to avoid your scent blowing your cover. Best of all, the app is entirely free, despite providing more and better features than many paid apps.

Apple & Android- Free

HuntWise: The Hunting App

Produced by Sportsman Tracker, HuntWise does the work of several different apps in one. This free app is designed to help you more accurately predict the times when your hunt is most likely to be successful by using an algorithm based on your location, weather and when the animals are most likely to be active.

The GPS hunting map-based prediction provides a five-day hunting forecast for turkey, deer or waterfowl, and can also be used to provide you with a detailed map overview of your entire hunting area. As well, the app lets you view hourly weather reports, and also contains a solunar hunting predictor that shows you the best times based on the current moon phase.

With this free app, you can more accurately predict animal movements based on a range of different criteria, thus improving your odds of a successful hunt. As well, the app contains a range of GPS hunting maps that show private land ownership boundaries and a range of other info. Users also receive access to the HuntWise community, where they can share pictures and details of their hunts and interact with other hunters across the globe.

Apple & Android- Free

OnXmaps HUNT

For those looking for a high-quality GPS app to use on their next hunt, onXmaps HUNT is without-a-doubt one of the best. More than a simple map, this app lets you view a huge range of features and information, including hunting trails, roads, public lands and private property ownership info.

The free version of the app allows you to view hunting areas for every species in all 50 states, as well as aerial imagery and 24k topographic maps. This app also has state-wide and nation-wide subscription packages that provide you with access to a huge range of additional maps and info, such as ownership info, multiple game management units, walk-in area maps and much more. The statewide subscription provides access to all of this info for one state, while the national subscription provides info for the entire country. Either way, this app ensures you are fully prepared and will always know the lay of the land.

Apple & Android- Free

Best Bow Hunting Apps


Quite a handy tool for bow hunters, this app allows you to easily calculate your arrow speed and kinetic energy. The app also enables you to see whether or not your arrows are properly balanced. As well, ArcheryPal has a tool that allows you to keep track of your shooting sessions, logging where each shot hit on the target so you can monitor your accuracy percentage. You can also view graphs to track your overall progress and see if they any trends appear in your arrow placement over time, i.e. if your arrows are slowly drifting to one side or the other.


Created by professional competition archers, this app serves a comprehensive guide containing virtually everything you could need to know about setup and tuning of both compound and recurve bows. Learn about limb and cam alignment, stabilizer set-up, broadhead setup and arrow tuning, yoke tuning, bare-shaft tuning and a whole lot more. Simply put, this app gives you all the tools to ensure your bow is in proper working condition before heading out into the field.

Apple & Android- $14.99

RealTree Archery Tips

A great tool for beginning archers and younger hunters, this app is essentially a guide to archery and bow hunting, which provides a huge range of advice, tips and tricks on different shooting techniques, set-up, gear and more. The app features a wide range of info cards, each one providing useful details on a specific technique or topic. It also features a super-clean, easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly scroll the cards to find exactly the info you’re looking for.

Apple only- Free

Best Calling Apps

Primos Hunting Calls: Speak the Language

One of the leaders in hunting calls and a wide range of other equipment, Primos has taken animal calls to the next level with this app. Of course, the usefulness of these calls depends on how far away the animals you’re trying to call are and how loud the speakers on your phone are (although you could always bring a small external speaker along).

In truth though, that isn’t at all what this app was designed for, as its real usefulness is in helping you to improve your calling. The app features more than 20 interactive calls, separated into six different categories: Turkey, Predator, Elk, Deer, Waterfowl and Specialty. Each of the different calls is essentially a recording of one of Primos’ pros using one of its different animals calls, such as The Original Can, Hoochie Mama, The Gobbler or The Heart Breaker. Each call featured in the app also provides specific instructions on exactly how to use it in real life. By listening to the calls and then trying to mimic them, you’ll soon improve your skills so you’re better able to grunt, call or rattle an animal right to you on your next hunt.

Apple & Android- $1.99.

iHunt by Ruger

While the range of calls in the Primos app is impressive, it comes nowhere near competing with iHunt by Ruger (not to be confused with iHunt Journal listed further down). This app is continuously being updated as more calls are added, and as of writing, it featured well over 700 different calls. In addition to your standard deer, elk and turkey calls, it also features a range of different calls for alligators, raccoons , squirrels, moose, geese and even exotic animals like zebra, wildebeest and lions. Multiple calls are available for most species, allowing you to vary up your calling to attract in even those ‘smarter’ animals.

Apple & Android- Free

Predator Hunting Calls

With more than 12 of the most popular predator calls, this app allows you to call in coyotes, bobcats, foxes, cougars, wolves and other predators with ease. Use popular predator calls such as cottontail scream, jackrabbit scream, woodpecker distress, hurt pup, hurt fawn or coyote pack howl. Like the Primos Hunting Calls app, you will probably need to attach external speakers to broadcast the sound over a larger area. Still, unless you happen to be an expert caller, the range of calls in this app can surely increase your chances of success.

Deer Calls and Tactics Pro

One of the most popular deer call apps on the market, Deer Calls and Tactics Pro provides a complete library of deer calls at your fingertips, including popular and effective calls such as doe bleat, doe estrus bleat, doe grunt, contact call and buck grunt. Other calls include tending grunt, tending grunt-click, buck bawl, breeding bellow, rattling, sparring and snort-wheeze. In addition to the calls, the app also features tips on how to best make each sound, as well a range of other useful information. Find descriptions and calendars of the rut phases, tips and tactics for each phase of the moon and a full lunar calendar with ratings for each solunar day. All of these features make this one of the most useful and best deer hunting apps .

Apple & Android- $2.99

Best GPS and Property Management Apps

Whitetail Freaks Property Management

With this property management app, users can fully map out their property using a range of features. Mark your boundary lines, add markers for your tree stand , food plots and trail cams, or use the overlay filters to find every single trail and road on the property. This app lets you manage hundreds of different properties, giving you instant access to the information to ensure you never get lost again.

Apple & Android- $2.99

ScoutLook Hunting (aka ScoutLook Hunting & Weather)

ScoutLook Hunting Weather allows users to instantly track the weather in their exact location. The app uses a geocoding function to provide precise location information, which is then used to provide real-time weather info and alerts. However, this is really much more than just a basic weather app, as it also enables you to save unlimited hunting locations and points of interest.

As well, it also has a unique ScentCone Wind Map that lets you see exactly where your scent will blow hour by hour, for up to a 72-hour period. Furthermore, the app’s SetZone Wind Map is an ideal tool for waterfowl hunters, as it provides a 74-hour wind map that shows you precisely where you should set up your decoys—making it one of the best duck hunting apps currently available.

Apple & Android- Free

Where To Hunt

This app allows you and other users to check-in when you reach the hunting area, thus alerting everyone using the app to your location. This can be especially useful in high traffic areas, as it essentially allows you to mark your spot. Other users can then see where you are located, and you can easily see if your favorite spot is taken when you arrive and find alternate routes to your chosen spot in case other hunters are blocking your primary route.

You can also use the app solely for members of your hunting party, allowing each member to track each other’s locations. Plus, you have the option to hide the location of your party members from the general public. Your family members can also use the app on their phone or computer to track your movements in the field, a truly useful tool for those hunting alone, as it enables you to be easily found should an accident happen.

Apple & Android- Free

Google Earth

Although there are other map apps out there, this is virtually the only one that allows you to view full topographic maps and satellite images to get a 3D overview of your hunting area. With this app, you can easily find and identify ridges, draws, creeks, natural funnels and other useful landmarks.

Apple and Android- Free

Best Weather Apps for Hunting


One of the world’s top rated weather apps, AccuWeather offers a number of features that can be especially useful for hunters. The hourly, daily and weekly forecasts can help you plan out your hunt, while the weather radar allows you to see whether any storms may move in and threaten your hunt. As well, users also receive severe weather alerts for the area, alerting you that it might be time to pack it in and call it a day before a huge storm threatens to strand you.

Apple & Android- Free


Another one of the world’s top weather apps, WeatherBug provides users with a range of additional benefits not found in many other apps. Unfortunately, WeatherBug recently got rid of the paid version (WeatherBug Elite), meaning users are stuck having to view the annoying ads that come along with it. Still, considering its usefulness, most people don’t find this to be much of an issue. With this app, you can semi-accurately predict the hourly weather and use the radar function to monitor the path of storms.

Apple & Android- Free

Primos Wind

With this app, you can monitor wind speed and direction in real time using the compass function on your camera. Most hunters know how quickly scent can give you away to an animal, which this app helps to eliminate by keeping you constantly informed about any changes in the wind. Still, it is really only useful for wind, which is why many hunters tend to stick with one of the many free weather apps available. Of course, for bow hunters, this wind info could be the difference between a hit and a miss, which helps to explain why this simple app remains so popular.

Sunrise Sunset

A simple app that provides precise, up-to-date sunrise and sunset information for your specific location. The app also allows you to track the movement of the sun, and also contains fun and useful astronomical functions, such as tracking the rise and set times for all visible planets.

Apple & Android- Free

Best Hunting Apps for iPad and iPhone

Shot Simulator

Many people originally confused this one for a game, as the interface closely resembles some of the best hunting game apps . However, this app is really designed to show you exactly how each shot would affect a deer based on the shot placement, trajectory and bullet speed. The app uses a detailed image of a deer, including the skeleton and internal organs, which can be used to help hunters understand more about where exactly they want to place their shots.

RealTree Turkey Tips

Similar to RealTree Archery Tips, this app provides hunters with a huge guide designed to improve turkey hunting success. Learn about the differences between hen and tom turkey tracks, find useful info about spur length, beards and more. RealTree Turkey Tips provides virtually everything you need to know to be a better turkey hunter.

Apple only- Free

iSolunar Hunting and Fishing Times

Another solunar prediction app, iSolunar gives you up-to-date info about the best hunting and fishing times for your location—no matter where in the world you are. The app uses astronomical data provided by the US Naval Observatory to provide location-specific info on sunrise and sunset times and feeding and activity periods. With a simple, easy-to-use interface, this is definitely one of the best hunting apps for iPhone .

Ballistic- Advanced Edition

The most advanced, most accurate ballistics app on the market, Ballistic- Advanced Edition uses the renowned JBM Ballistics engine to provide super precise, instant calculations. The app features nearly 5,000 factory projectile loads, or you can input custom information for your own rounds. You can view graphs and charts of the bullet velocity, drop and energy, or check out the trajectory charts to view various trajectories based on angle and altitude. This is truly the most comprehensive ballistics app out there, and is a must-have for any serious tactical hunter.

Apple only- $19.99

Hunting Season Countdown

For those that are constantly counting down the days to hunting season, here’s an app that will do it all for you. Simply put in the exact day and time the season starts, and then click on the app whenever you wish to get an up-to-the-second countdown of when you can finally start hunting.


Made by North American Whitetail magazine , this is the magazine’s companion app where users can catch up on the latest news, connect with other hunters and share photos and stories of their latest hunt. You can also pose questions and receive answers from other users and the magazine’s editors, and the app also allows users to accumulate points that can be used to enter in contests and giveaways for gear and a range of other prizes.

Apple only- Free

Best Miscellaneous Hunting Apps

Trophy Score

Developed by Safari Club International, this app is a simplified version of SCI’s field scoring kit. It provides scoring books for North America, South America and Africa, allowing you to quickly calculate the score of your trophy before leaving the field.


Similar to Trophy Score, ScoreMyRack is an Android app that allows hunters to automatically calculate the score of their trophy in the field. With this app, you’ll never again have to struggle to calculate the score manually, as you simply put in all the measurements and the app does the rest for you. Users can choose between a free, ad-supported version or an ad-free premium version.

Android only- Free/ $1.99 (ScoreMyRack Premium)

iHunt Journal

A full hunting journal in the palm of your hand, this app lets you plan out your hunt using weather and lunar calendars, and then fully track your hunt using the built-in journal. The gallery lets you store and share photos of your trophy after a successful hunt, and you can even input info about the size and score of the animal, weather conditions, locations and even a personal story—all of which can be shared with other users. You can also view statistics about your hunts and trophies.

Apple & Android- $8.99 (iTunes)/ $5.20 (Google Play)

Where to Shoot

While the previous app helps you figure out exactly where to place your shots, this particular app helps you find places to practice your shooting by showing you a list of all shooting ranges within your specified search area. The app is basically a giant list of virtually all shooting ranges in the United States and Canada, which is maintained by the National Shooting Sports Foundation , and you can search through the listings to find specific ranges based on your GPS or chosen location. Although it is definitely not the most useful app, it can still come in handy when you’d like to shoot a few practice rounds and your normal range is closed.

Apple & Android- Free

Shooting Hours

Shooting Hours is another activity predictor app that uses your GPS to help you determine when in the morning and evening animals are most likely to be active. Instead of having to consult over sunrise and sunset tables, you can simply turn on the app and let it figure it all out for you. As well, the app can also be used to program in custom shooting hours based on your local regulations, ensuring that you don’t take that shot before or after the designated time. After setting in your custom hours, the app will vibrate to let you know when the shooting hours start and finish.

Apple & Android- $0.99


Available in both a free, ad-supported version (Time2Hunt Lite) and an ad-free paid version, Time2Hunt is another hunting prediction app. Like most others, this app provides solar and lunar data to help you calculate when the animals should be most active. It also features sunrise and sunset charts and can provide quite accurate predictions for the best times to hunt based on all available info.

What Knot to Do (In the Great Outdoors)

Produced by Columbia Sportswear Company, this app provides virtually everything you could need to know about knot tying. It features 70 of the most popular and useful knots, separated into six different categories. Each knot features detailed step-by-step instructions on how to tie it and illustrated examples.

Apple only- Free


This isn’t actually a single app, but a series of different apps that provide users with a huge range of info. Users can find Fish and Wildlife Guides for all 50 states, as well as state-specific apps providing detailed info about all of the state parks located within the specific state. As well, a full National Park guide is also available.

Apple & Android- Free

Gun Vault Pro

A data management app designed for firearm owners, this app allows you to keep track of all of your guns. Users can upload up to two photos for each firearm, as well as additional info like serial numbers and any other details. As well, the app contains a handy reference guide containing all pertinent gun law and concealed carry permit for the entire United States. It also contains an Ammo Tracker and allows users to search for all shooting ranges and firearm supply stores within their area. Finally, the app also contains a transfer form to facilitate easier private gun sales. The app is fully lockable and password-protected, ensuring your info remains private.

Android only- $1.49

Gun Safe

Similar to Gun Vault Pro, Gun Safe allows users to store info about their firearms, ammo, hunting and gun permits, shooting sessions and much more. All photos and info is stored in a 256-bit AES encrypted database to ensure your privacy. Users can also record sales details for each firearm. Both a free and paid-for version of the app are available, and the paid version provides a few additional features, such as allowing users to view and print PDF bills of sale for their guns.

Android only- Free (Gun Safe Free) or $4.99


Make sure you’re fully prepared before heading out in the field. This simple app lets you view checklists for pre-season, post-season and scouting trips, ensuring you have all the gear you need. The app also contains checklists for bow hunting trips, rifle hunting, ammo, gear, electronics, documents, etc. Simply click on each item to cross it off the list, and make sure you’ve got everything you need.

Apple & Android- Free


Never again miss an important permit application deadline. This app provides application deadline reminders for 43 US states, and also allows users in 13 states to instantly access their preference point totals and draw results. PointHunter currently supports deadlines for most big game species, including elk, mule deer, whitetails, bighorn sheep, mountain goats and elk. A truly useful app, PointHunter ensures you’ll always turn in your hunting permit applications on time.

Apple & Android- Free

RealTree Archery Challenge

One of the most popular hunting game apps, RealTree Archery Challenge lets users test their archery skills. Attempt to hit the pop-up targets and test your skills through a range of different terrains. The game gets progressively harder as you go, and allows you to post your results to Facebook to see which one of your friends is the best bow hunter.

Apple & Android- Free (also available in an online desktop version)

RealTree ProHunter 3D

Similar to RealTree Archery Challenge, this 3D hunting game lets users hunt a range of North America’s most popular game species. Track down elusive turkeys, trophy bucks, massive elk and even fierce black bears. Grab your rifle or bow and choose the best RealTree camo pattern for the terrain, and then head out to test your skills in the field.

Apple only- Free

The Final Word on the Best Apps for Hunting

As you can see from this long list, there are really a ton of great hunting apps out there. While some of them are undoubtedly more useful than others, each of the hunting apps listed above can be quite handy in certain situations, and if not, they’re at least fun to play around with. So why not start downloading and see how the best hunting apps can help you.