The Micro Chest Rig is designed to carry minimal equipment in a low profile compact size rig. Equipped to carry rifle and pistol magazines and detachable medical supplies for emergency situations. As an added feature, it has a concealable map/document pocket on the inside of the chest rig with velcro closure and an additional open pocket for documents on the backside.

According to professionals, buying the best rig which is capable of suiting all your needs is very important. With the growing demand of chest rigs, most companies have joined the race to manufacture multiple chest rigs to satisfy the fast-growing market. The micro chest rig is one of the major models which is mostly preferred by professional personnel due to a number of reasons. Apart from being light and compact, this chest rig has the capacity to support both AK and AR style mags without sacrificing the availabe space.

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OneTigris Tactical Chest Rig with 5.56/7.62 Rifle Mag Pouches Pistol Mag Pouches and X Harness for Airsoft Shooting Wargame Paintball (Black)
OneTigris CAMO VULTURE chest rig that provides you a full range of motion: 500D Nylon construction for extra durability and dirt/water resistance, and it weighs only 18.3oz (520g) for an ultra lightweight setup, your must have for the range/shooting/airsoft/paintball/wargame/etc.
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Elite Tribe MK3 Modular Lightweight Chest Rig Micro Fight Chissis 5.56 Mag Pouch (Black)
Product: MK3 Modular Lightweight Chest Rig Micro Fight Chissis 5.56 Mag Pouch

Why are micro chest rigs preferred?

Micro chest rigs are mostly preferred because they keep a low profile and to offer enough space for keeping some accessories. They’re easy to adjust, wear on and also take off. Unlike the Chinese chest rigs which feature an X style setup, these ones comes with an H style design that supports the chest rig around your shoulders, body and on the torso. With that being said, this article will review the best small chest rig in the market which can be used with several professions like hunting, prepping, tactical exercises or even photography.

Top Small Tactical Chest Rig Reviews In 2020 – Our Top Picks

The Tactical Tailor Mini MAV Chest Rig is the best alternative when it comes to selecting tactical chest rigs. Designed from 1000 Cordura Nylon and heavyweight mil spec webbing, this small chest rig is able to withstand the test of time while keeping you comfortable and well-protected at all times. The modular webbings allow you to attach multiple pouches which provide ample space for storage of multiple ammo and other accessories. Available in a variety of colors such as Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Olive Drab and MultiCam, the Tactical Tailor Mini MAV Chest Rig is the best option to consider for your personal use.

Tactical Tailor Mini MAV Chest Rig

Tactical Tailor Fight Light Mini Mav
  • Our Fight light mini modular assault vest is a discreet alternative to...
  • Adjustable shoulder and back straps give the user the ability to wear...
  • Constructed from 500D cordura nylon and heavy duty mil spec webbing...

High-quality finish—the chest rig is double stitched to make it more wear-resistant. Key areas such as MOLLE, the straps and the buckle have been triple stitched for maximum durability.

American design—unlike most other combat chest rigs in the market, this micro chest rig is small, lightweight and easy to take on and off. The straps are easy to adjust for your shoulders and waist.

Ample space—the micro chest rig has the capacity to hold 6 mag pouches, two single pistol pouches and one knife pouch. The shoulder straps are well padded while the buckles are made of hard plastic which is tough and but still flexible.

  • The straps are long enough making it easy to wear on top of a vest or sweater.
  • This small chest rig has the capacity to hold multiple pouches which can be used to carry ammo, phone/radio, a camera and a single pistol during a mission/game.
  • This chest rig is small and easy to maintain.
  • The double stitching on the MOLLE, the straps and the buckles makes this micro chest rig durable and the best to consider during tough missions.
  • The size of this chest rig is quite small making it ideal for carrying a small amount of ammo.
  • The price of the chest rig is quite high as compared to most other brands in the market.

Final thoughts on the micro chest rig

The Tactical Tailor Mini MAV Chest Rig is among the best micro chest rigs in the market. Double-stitched from high-quality nylon material, this micro chest rig is capable of holding multiple pouches which are best for carrying ammo, mags, tactical knives and pistols. The adjustable shoulder straps are well reinforced while the plastic buckles are tough enough to resist heavy loads. Having been welcomed with a remarkable 4.6/5 star rating from 6 customers, this small chest rig is the best to consider for personal and military duties. Go and have a look for the price and reviews on now!