When it comes to hunting, no piece of gear or tool you have holds a flame to the importance of having a great hunting vehicle. The best hunting vehicles get you where you need to go and bring everything you need. There are so many variants of machines it doesn’t matter if you are looking for the best hunting trucks or hunting ATV, there is a hunting vehicle out there for you.

After much consideration, and in no particular order, here is our list of the top 10 hunting vehicles.


Having a good ATV for hunting can be a lifesaver, and in many cases, they are some of the best hunting vehicles for a large array of situations. Some would argue that ATV’s are more useful than some hunting trucks, and to a degree, they would be right.

This is mostly because all-terrain vehicles are smaller in size compared to trucks or SUV’s and they can virtually go anywhere with ease. This makes them the perfect hunting vehicle because you don’t have to stay on the beaten path nor do you have to park and walk miles just to find the target game or get to your favorite spot.

As you will see below, ATV’s have evolved in the recent years and that can only mean one thing to a hunter: a better hunting tool to help you bag trophies. Whether you want to fit a larger crew or hunting party together, or you just quite literally want to travel anywhere in the outdoors, there is an ATV for you and your needs.

Polaris – Ranger Crew 800

Polaris – Ranger Crew 800

The Polaris Ranger Crew 800 is a great hunting vehicle if you have a small group to transport, or if you need to haul more and haul farther. Although it’s a bit of an older model the Ranger Crew 800 is still an incredible workhorse that can now be purchased at a reasonable price.

That’s not to mention you can still get the 800 brand new. With tons of updated features, the Ranger Crew 800 from Polaris will get any job done and put a smile on your face during the process.


  • Efficient power with a fuel injected 800cc Twin EFI engine that gives the Polaris a 45 mile per hour top speed
  • The cargo box, which has a load capacity of 1000lbs, can lift and dump
  • Redesigned and upgraded ergonomics including seating, pedal placement, steering wheel design, and more leg space in the front and rear
  • Increased storage compared to similar models
  • Automatically engages and disengages all-wheel drive as needed
  • Enough space for 6 adults
  • 1 Ton towing capacity
  • Upgraded suspension with an independent rear to optimize ride smoothness
  • Heavily protected front end for maximum protection leading to a longer more good looking life
  • You can get this for a much better price than newer models
  • Excellent MPG; around 100 miles on a 9-gallon tank (if ran a low mph)
  • Full digital/analog instruments
  • Great versatility


  • It is a bit of an older model (doesn’t make it bad, only more affordable
  • Suspension limits when traveling at higher speeds on rough trails
  • Only has safety nets to create a “secure” cockpit
  • Doesn’t have as much clearance as newer similar vehicles
  • Does not have engine breaking or Active Descent Control technologies

Arctic Cat – Diesel 700 Super Duty


The Diesel 700 Super Duty by Arctic Cat is the absolute definition of a workhorse ATV. It’s versatile, powerful, reliable, and has incredible fuel economy. This ATV has great low-end power and torque to haul, pull, or push anything with relative ease. It derives its power from a Lombardini 686cc vertical dual cylinder diesel engine that can run on almost any kind of diesel including the Arctic Cat recommended B20 biodiesel.

This is a fun ride that will get any job done, or take you anywhere into the wilderness you think trophy game may be lurking.


  • Once a year maintenance recommendation
  • Great fuel economy
  • Smooth riding with 4-wheel independent suspension
  • Easy manual 4 wheel drive switch
  • Incredible pulling power, such as being able to pull an almost 3000-pound jeep out of the mud
  • Stop to top speed of about 40mph in about 10 seconds (this is a worker not a sprinter)
  • Very comfortable even with the passenger seat attachment


  • The thumb throttle has too much play, making accelerating a bit more of an annoyance than necessary
  • Specialized battery which can be slightly difficult to find on shelves and it’s more expensive than average
  • There is a “heavy” sort of clunky feel to the machine at first. This is especially true in low power situations and just may take a little time to get used to feeling the weight of the ATV
  • Get’s really squatty when nearing load or tow capacity

Argo Avenger 8×8 Hunt Master X

Argo Avenger 8x8 Hunt Master X

The Hunt Master X from Argo is just that, the master of all hunting vehicles. This is without a doubt the best offroad hunting vehicle and because it is in its own class of genius, this is the best all around hunting vehicle on the market today.

This amazingly unique vehicle can take you anywhere you want to go, and those that have driven one or even ridden in one all agree that this is the best vehicle for hunting and fishing. Why? It is completely waterproof! Yes, this ATV can take you through bodies of water to get to any hunting or fishing location. All while keeping you and your gear dry.

This is the 8X8, and of course, there are other models but this one, in particular, has been designed with the hunter in mind. It has the ability to carry more weight, it has better balance than other Argo models, and it has extra storage.

  • Strong 4-stroke OHV V-Twin 748cc engine that is liquid cooled with electronic fuel injection. This puts out 30hp for a top speed of 25mph, great power, and great torque in both low and high
  • Can fit 6 passengers on land, 4 in the water, has tons of storage, and has a towing capacity of 1800lbs
  • Load capacity of 905lb on land and 755lb on water
  • Comes either with Argo specialized low-pressure land/swim tires or tracks that can easily be interchanged
  • Has a front rack that can be removed, rifle holders, and a durable Warn 3500 Provantage cable winch to get you or someone else out of a sticky situation
  • Has a bilge pump to keep water out, along with many other great features such as entry steps, upgraded lights, USB/12V protected outlet, and super duty steel axles


  • Top speed in the water of only 3.5mph
  • Not the fastest out there, but that is the tradeoff if you want the ability to go anywhere
  • Price! This is more expensive than many new cars with a starting MSRP of $27,499. But ask anyone who has one or has been in one and they are far worth it for the religious hunter
  • Only a 3 year limited engine warranty

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are a classic hunting vehicle that has surpassed the test of time. They are the favorite hunting vehicle option for many hunters, young and old. The pickups that are designed more for offroading and backcountry trails are rugged and typically reliable, depending on the make/model of course.

Good hunting pickups provide more space for crew and gear than an SUV and they can haul and tow just about anything. They are great not only because they can go almost anywhere in the backcountry, with the right specs, but they are obviously road legal as well. A great pickup will haul you, your hunting party, and all your gear down the highways until you get off at the two track and follow that deep into the woods. Then it will haul your trophy kill back home to share with everyone else.

Dodge Ram Rebel

Dodge Ram Rebel

Dodge has continuously made some of the best hard working vehicles for years, and the Ram Rebel is absolutely no exception in a long line of award winning trucks. Dodge added some great features that make this pickup a great hunting vehicle.


  • Hemi V-8 engine option, or gas/diesel V6
  • Aesthetic additions such as a Mopar hood, side-pannel graphics, wheel flares, and a skidplate that is powder-coated
  • Good ground clearance for easy two-tracking
  • Comes with semi-knobby road tires
  • Large crew cab
  • Gorgeous modern interior with upgraded controls including enhanced connectivit and a phone/tablet mount
  • Smooth riding with the most up to date suspension technologies
  • Solid off-road package


  • It is on the large size once you consider how narrow trails can get out in the woods
  • Lower than average tow rating
  • Rotary shifters are known to take some getting used to

Ford F150 Raptor

You can’t talk about pickup trucks without at least mentioning Ford, and if you’re going to mention Ford, you simply must mention the F-150. Not because all that it has to offer, or all the F-150 variants out there, but simply because the F-150 is America’s best-selling car.

Then, if we were to pick the best version for hunting, it would undoubtedly be the boss truck that is the Ford Raptor. From the skid plate and aesthetic details to the V8 engine and towing capacity, this truck has everything any hunter could want in a pickup.

  • Extremely versatile, giving you the ability to personalize your truck and make it the best pickup truck for hunting
  • Built “Ford” tough. In all seriousness though, when it comes to hunting vehicles you want a tough one and with an upgraded chassis, the Ford Raptor is just that
  • Powerful load and tow capacity to bring anything you want out to the next hunt
  • Sleek, eye-pleasing, and downright badass styling
  • Huge aftermarket in terms of the amount and variety of aftermarket parts available
  • Beautiful and modern interior from the materials to the tech
  • No manual transmission model
  • No diesel engine option
  • Less overall features than the Ram Rebel
  • Fewer overall safety features than the Ram Rebel
  • More expensive than the Rebel

SUV’s are a long time favorite among many avid hunters. They can get more places, usually at a cheaper price than pickups, and they can go anywhere while still hauling all your gear and crew.

The only real downside with SUV’s when it comes to hunting is if you don’t have the ability to put large animals on the roof, or on the hood, it’s going to ride in the car with you. Other than that, SUV’s are incredibly customizable with most makes and models having a slew of aftermarket parts and accessories.

In general SUV’s have been designed to handle any terrain and thrive in any condition, making them a great hunting vehicle choice. SUV’s are mini hunting trucks that provide far more for hunters than full sized trucks ever could. With their extreme versatility, there’s no question to whether or not your next hunting vehicle should be a Sports Utility Vehicle.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep is known for their off-road capabilities regardless of which model you’re talking about. They have always seemed to focus on the “sport” part of sports utility vehicle, and that has never been an issue. Their Wrangler model, which is undoubtedly the most popular Jeep style, is arguably the best offroading vehicle on the market. Compact enough to fit just about anywhere and ruggedly durable enough to withstand any place you take it, the Jeep Wrangler is something special.

  • High ground clearance
  • Tight wheelbase
  • Top and doors come off for warmer climate drives
  • Repairs are relatively simplistic
  • A history of offroad performance stemming from the first WWII model
  • Monumentally customizable and personalizable with one of the largest numbers of aftermarket parts
  • Fun to drive out into the wilderness, where it was born to roam freely
  • Noisy on the road, especially at higher speeds
  • Very limited cargo space
  • Very limited passenger space
  • Not recommended for large game hunting
  • Limited load and tow capacity
  • High roll-over rate
  • Not luxurious and not built for comfort, therefore not recommended for long trips

Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover is Great Britain’s long-time off-roading champion. Built to withstand any environment and the fact it can go just about anywhere, the Land Rover Discovery is a great hunting vehicle option.

Personally, I used to own a Discovery and I must say that aside from some typical Land Rover randomness such as electrical issues with the locks and windows, it was a fantastic offroad vehicle. My buddies always said it was like riding in a larger more luxurious jeep. It’s a very fun SUV that makes you feel as though you can conquer any terrain. Stick to the Discovery Serries II (1998-2004) which is far more ruggedly designed, and you can customize it to the exact specifications you desire for your next hunting venture.

  • Powerful V8 engine
  • All wheel drive
  • Rugged and tough looking exterior
  • Typically they all come with a more comfortable and luxurious cabin including leather seating, heated seats, extra climate control functions, dual sunroofs and more
  • Easily customizable with tons of aftermarket parts
  • Plenty of storage compared to other SUV models
  • Comfortable ride considering everything from the cabin to the suspension
  • Probably going to have to deal with typical Land Rover mishaps, such as random electrical issues
  • On average, more expensive parts when it comes to general maintenance
  • Certain years of the Discovery are known to blow rear driveshafts. My ’03 blew the rear drive shaft and it was not fun; however, it is completely preventable if you do your research before buying and you are proactive about repairs and replacing potentially troublesome parts
  • Total gas guzzler

Custom and Fun

We couldn’t have a list of the top ten hunting vehicles without including some fun and unique ones that may simply remain on the dream list, but hey, dreaming is fun!

Toyota Tundra Devolro

If there were to be some sort of zombie apocalypse, this is the type of everyday style vehicle I would want to get me through it. This custom Toyota Tundra has some fancy bells and whistles that make this the ultimate hunting truck.

  • Just an absolute iron clad outer body – nothing can get in nor can anything do too much damage to render the truck useless or unprotected
  • Massive front end and underbody protection
  • Extended fuel economy/range
  • Increased cargo space
  • Optional 520HP V8 engine
  • Price
  • Availability

Camper Maximus: EarthRoamer

The EarthRoamer is a dream on wheels. This fully loaded RV sits on a Ford F-550 chassis and is designed to take back country camping to a whole new level. This has a ton of custom upgrades such as solar panels on the roof, satellite and internet TV, and even marine grade electronics.

This will get you and your hunting party anywhere you want to go while bringing luxurious camping conditions to any environment. This is the ultimate freedom vehicle.

  • Unique
  • Powerful
  • Fun
  • Beyond durable, reliable, and strong
  • Tons of amazing features that bring it into the luxurious category
  • Powerful turbo diesel engine
  • Colorado made
  • Wait in line 8-12 months before you can drive it home
  • Of course after paying around half a million to own it

Land, Air, Sea: MVP

The MVP is without a doubt the most unique vehicle on this list. Although a bit more geared for fishing, this one of a kind aircraft is perfect for hunters that love to get far out into the wilderness. This seaplane can take you to some of the most remote hunting locations.

  • Triphibious – can land on earth, snow, or water
  • Under 200,000 (when it finally hits the market in a few years)
  • Retractable canopy and waterproof instrument panel to turn the bow into more of a fishing vessel
  • The two bucket seats can be covered and surrounded with a fabric enclosure to create a tent
  • Designed to hold a hammock between the tail and wings
  • Wings fold back so it can dock
  • Perfect for two adventuring hunters or outdoorsman looking to take exploring to a whole new level
  • Not yet available to the general public
  • Still requires private flying license (of course)
  • Not designed to haul a ton of gear

Hopefully, this list gave you some hunting truck ideas by showing you the top ten best hunting vehicles out there. Whether you are looking for something extreme and unique or you are simply looking for the best hunting trucks, we hope this list helped you out even if only a little. As always, thanks for reading!