Rifle SlingsNow I have some of the most common slings on the market on the table. I have owned a couple in the past, but I’m primarily going to be talking about these. As you see here. I’ve got a couple of the tax lings. I’ve got a couple of mag pulls things. I’ve got the Hayley slang, which is relatively new and I’ve got the blue force gear sling. But I know there are some other ones out there, but I think these are probably the most popular. So we’ll be talking about these. Uh, some of these are two points, slings, some of these are three points links. You see no one point singers on the table because I just don’t like them. I think one point slings have their place for sure if you’re going to be doing a lot of CQB, a lot of change in shoulders, things like that.

But these three points, things I feel like do just the same job and still if you need to go hands-on or just want your rifle to be slung for a long period of time, you can switch back to two points. So I think the three-point sling is superior. Now as far as two-point slings go, you’ve got a couple of options on the table. I’ve got the blue force gear here and I’ve got the V. the V tax language I think are probably the two best between the two. Let’s narrow down the two points links first and I’ll talk about why I like one over the other and then we’ll narrow down the three-point slings to whichever one I liked the best there and then I’ll give you my thoughts on which one’s the best overall, the Vtech sling versus the blue force gear slang.

Now the blue force gear is a no-nonsense, no padding, nothing, just two points of contact that you can easily remove. One thing that you can easily adjust and that’s it. It runs about 45 to $55 the same price as the V tax like now the B tax link, you can get one of these. I have no attachment to cause I was using I think the sock mod stock and then I have a cutie Mount here. I prefer QT amounts on my slangs because sometimes I take them off to do reviews. Sometimes I don’t like a slang. Honestly on my home defense rifle. I feel like it gets in the way and then there are other times when you really want one, so it’s nice to pull it on and off as needed. Uh, the problem that I have with the V tax link is that there’s just too much stuff on it now.

It’s got this adjustment. It’s a big and steel and I get that it’s supposed to be very durable. It’s got this pad and look at all this stuff. There isn’t an inch of the sling without a buckle on it or some padding or another buckle or another buckle. Uh, the adjustment tool to more buckles in the, in the acuity Mount. And the reason why I like that is that if you’re wearing a hooded sweatshirt or you have other stuff, other gear on you, body armor, a chest drink, anything like that, this one has a tendency not to move smoothly. And your sling moves around a lot when you’re manipulating your rifle. If you’re doing a reload, if you’re switching shoulders, be doing anything, swimming in and out of your slang, it’s important to know how to do that with a two-point sling. This thing has a tendency to get caught up on stuff.

And honestly, that just irritates the crap out of me. And I know that if you’re a special forces guy or something, maybe you’re going to need all this adjustment. But for me the V tax slang is not the choice. I’d have to go with the simple easy to use, blue force gear slang if I’m going to get a two-point slang. So let’s get the V tax sling out of here and now on. One thing I have to say quick before I let it go is that I traditionally do not stand in one spot for a long period of time. With my sling on, I usually have my rifle slung for, you know, unless I’m in a class or something, usually an hour or less. So I don’t need this type of padding. But if you were to, you know, have your rifle on you all day and all night, you might feel differently about this choice and you might want this because even though it gets in the way a lot, I would have to say the padding is extremely comfortable. On the V tax link. So that’s one thing to know before I get rid of it.

So we’ll keep the blue force gear sling on the back burner here and we’ll talk about the Magpole slings. I have two different types. I think I have the M two and the M three, and I have the Haley strategic slang. Even though it’s in the us to point configuration, it still does the or it still is a three-point slang. So what do I think better out of these two? Well, I would have to say between the two mag pull slings, even though I super liked the QD system, honestly this is so heavy and cumbersome. I mean I wish you could feel this and real-life compared to especially the Haley slang, look at the difference in the mountain system here. It’s heavy, it’s cumbersome and I’m just not a huge fan of it honestly. Now it is nice that you can take it on and off, but with the uh, with the H cake got clips or whatever you want to call them, they seem to work really well.

I actually exchange this out for something totally different. I don’t know what the hell I was doing there. I think I was messing around with that at one point or another. I don’t know if I’d recommend this attachment point. I think I was trying something that I could move really quickly with. This doesn’t move quite as much. The downside of that is the Magpul attachment that you’ll have that goes with this makes a lot of noise. It’s a little chain link on an end of a little swiftly thing, I’ll, I’ll just annotate a picture cause I look ridiculous trying to show you what it is, but that makes a lot of noise. So that’s a downside. But the upside is it just feels a little smoother and maneuverability and it feels like it doesn’t squirrel around quite as much. But again, the problem with that is, is that these seem like they’re sometimes to get an on and off easily, and even though you won’t be taking this one on and off as much for three point slang, the benefit of it is that you can go from two to three so you’re going to want something that you could easily hook on and hook off and put back together.

Now the reason why I wouldn’t suggest this little SF thing is because I’ve had durability issues with this. I tried one of these in the past and I’d bent this thing. So all in all though, the pros and cons versus the QT, the two different versions of this, I’m probably gonna go with my Frank and slim. So the QT version of the mag poles out. Now, I’d have to remember that both of these slings are a little bit different price. I think they range somewhere between 40 and 60 bucks. This version is cheaper. So the mag pull sling, which I believe Travis Haley designed versus his newest design, the D three slang from Haley strategic partners, I think, right? I think that’s what his company’s called. And what do I think between these two? Well, I would definitely uh, no competition go with the D three problem with the D three is that it’s twice as expensive as this Magpole the benefit is that they use super lightweight material.

Now if you could feel the slings, you can tell that this thing is much higher. Quality is six. It’s a lot lighter weight. Uh, it’s just as durable. I’ve had it for quite a while. The attachments are much lighter weight as well. I know that he does a lot of rock climbing and stuff and he mentioned when he was talking about this product that he used a lot of different super-lightweight alloys and stuff from the, you know, the kind of the rock climbing world. So they’re extremely strong, extremely durable. They’ll definitely hold, if you clip these together, you’re not going to be pulling them apart. Even though the kind of this look of danky it definitely holds together. The other thing about it that I like is it does come with padding similar to what you saw on the vicars or sorry the V tack, but it’s not so cumbersome.

I haven’t noticed any issues with snagging or anything like that. You’ll notice the rest of the sling is relatively smooth and easy to use as you can see as a, uh, as a pattern there that I really liked that I liked to the rifle to S to smoothly transition around my back and shoulder and stuff without getting snuck, without getting snagged on anything. So I like that a lot. I think as far as three-point slings go, this is the best. I actually think that, I think it’s the best out there. I know the savvy sniper slang is also a three points lane and it’s supposed to be extremely good. I haven’t tried that. Basically because of price. That’s something is very expensive. It’s even more expensive than this. In fact, I’m pretty sure it is and I just haven’t gotten around to getting it.

I might get it someday and I would like to get it and compare it to this to see which one is better. And uh, when I saw all these other slangs I might get it. Who knows as far as right now the savvy sniper slang is still in the mix, but the best one that I own is the Haley D three. So this guy is out. Now this is a problem that I just figured out a couple of days ago, which is why I’m making this post. What slang is better? The D three sling or the blue force gear sling for me. Now this is only for me, uh, I would have to say I prefer the blue force gear slang. Uh, first off it’s half the price runs right between 40 and $60. This is somewhere between 80 and 90. I believe. I might be wrong on that.

Uh, this is a lot lighter material and I feel like it’s made of slightly better material. It’s just more comfortable when you hold on to it. But I do prefer the dedicated to point slang. That’s why I said it’s personal preference because if you prefer a single, a two or three or what the option had, any sling that you want, you can go with this. Now the reason why I say I prefer this as a dedicated two point slang is because of this little attachment right here. Now this is a two to three-point sling, but when you have it in two-point mode, sometimes when you lift the rifle up to a, to uh, your shoulder to shoot it this or hit your right in the face. And I’ve had this get in between my stock of my rifle and my cheek. And you can imagine as fast as you can pull up a rifle and this hits you in the teeth or your cheek or something like that, it’s kind of a pain in the ass.

And as much as I should say as little as I run a one point slang anymore, I don’t think it’s worth it for me to have this on my rifle because honestly the problems that I see with a one-point slaying, and again I’m not saying I’m not some super special forces operators, so I could be wrong here, but a lot of times when you’re transitioning your pistol or you’re just dropping your rifle here, any reason, usually it’s in the Dick and that kind of sucks and when you’re transitioning with a two point slang, it usually sets nice and comfortably beside you. The other thing is with a one-point slung is if you’re going hands-off, I feel like the barrel of the rifle dangles at your feet quite a bit and you know in areas where you wouldn’t want to shoot and with a two-point slang I feel like it stays a little more secure.

Now both of these have the adjustment to where you can tighten them up. You want to put her in your back and tighten them up and I think that’s really cool. I think that in modern day time if you don’t have that adjustment you’re kind of behind the times cause it’s nice to have that. Especially if you’re going hands off for a long period of time tying out on your back and then you can undo it really easily and still use the rifle. Well if you’re switching shoulders and do a lot of tactical stuff, this might be your slang. But for me personally, I have used the two point slings longer. I like them better. I got to go with the blue force line or the blue force gear sling as my favorite slang out there so far. Now I think the savvy snipers link could still be in the running but I’m still willing to bet you I’ll prefer the blue force gear slang. I hope you like this. I know it’s a quick, not really rehearsed review but uh, if you have any questions or comments, if you really like one type of slang and I have in here that I didn’t give too much love, leave it in the comments below.

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