One of the most important, yet often overlooked piece of safety equipment for the shooting is shooting glasses. These crucial pieces of eyewear not only are designed to offer extensive protection from accidents caused by failed rounds or even worse, failed guns or ricochets, but also are often tinted to promote greater optical clarity and accuracy when shooting.

Such a simple product should be relatively easy to make and sell, yet the market is awash with nearly identical competing products. This can make selecting a good pair of shooting glasses difficult, and choosing the quality from the junk can be difficult.

Wiley X Saber Advanced Sunglasses, Smoke Grey/Light Rust/Vermillion, Matte Black
My Favourite
REMINGTON T-72 Shooting Glasses (Smoke Lens)
Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Indoor/Outdoor Lens Safety Eyewear
Wiley X Saber Advanced
Remington T-72
Jackson Safety V30
Come with all 3 lenses
Better contrast in foggy/misty conditions
Great Fit, Tight and Secure
Wiley X Saber Advanced Sunglasses, Smoke Grey/Light Rust/Vermillion, Matte Black
Wiley X Saber Advanced
Come with all 3 lenses
My Favourite
REMINGTON T-72 Shooting Glasses (Smoke Lens)
Remington T-72
Better contrast in foggy/misty conditions
Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Indoor/Outdoor Lens Safety Eyewear
Jackson Safety V30
Great Fit, Tight and Secure

Picking the best shooting glasses requires not only knowing what your particular needs are (do you wear glasses? Plan to hunt?) but also knowing if your shooting glasses are even made to common safety standards. We went ahead and went through hundreds of eye protection for shooting reviews, so you don’t have to.

We want to make sure that your safety glasses are made with the common safety standards for shooting. The top 5 picked best shooting glasses color are for sure have passed our standard for safety. We make sure that question of yours: what are the best shooting glasses ? is answered right here.


That said, figuring out which are the best shooting glasses can be a difficult and confusing task. That is why we have put together a list of the 5 best shooting glasses, highlighting what each one does best. Then we provide a helpful buyer’s guide.

Product NamePressesSpeciality 
Wiley X Saber Advanced Shooting Glasses
(Editor’s Choice)
Single Stage PressesBullet SwagingCheck Price
Lee Precision Cast PressSingle Stage PressesHeavy Duty ConstructionCheck Price
LEE PRECISION Turret PressTurret PressHeavy Duty ConstructionCheck Price
Lyman Reloading PressTurret PressPistol ReloadingCheck Price
Hornady Lock-N-LoadFive-Station PressLarge-Capacity HopperCheck Price
Dillon Precision Reloading Machine4 Stage ProgressiveLoad Both Rifle and PistolCheck Price

Best tactical shooting glasses

Wiley X Saber Advanced Sunglasses, Smoke Grey/Light...
  • All Wiley X lenses block 400 nanometers or 100% of the suns harmful UV...
  • Tough, triloid nylon frame withstands the rigors of daily wear
  • Shatterproof lenses

Oof. These are nice glasses. Almost too nice, we argued over who got to take them home, which proves that the best eye protection for shooting can be stylish and affordable. The smoked wraparound UV blocking lenses, shatterproof construction, and extremely comfortable nylon frame sold us on these little gems of shooting glasses. As an added bonus, these can be had in much popular for shooting colors like amber, yellow and clear, ensuring that pretty much anyone can get the shooting glasses that work best for them.

We looked these over with a mind for utility and durability since they are in that sweet spot of either a little too pricey for what they are or a good deal. We found that they are in fact a solid set of shooting glasses for the money and well worth adding to your range bag. As a downside, we think these may obscure too much peripheral vision for some shooters. The wraparound design is crucial for proper eye protection, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. If you have trouble with your peripheral vision, you probably want to take a look at some of the other shooting glasses we review here.

However, if you spend a lot of time outdoors and need a more extreme lens design with UV protection, these will be just the ticket for you. All told, it’s hard to go wrong with these shooting glasses, especially with the multiple lens colors available.

It is made with a polycarbonate lens that is ultra thick. You can find almost double thickness compared to standard safety glasses. Also, it comes with outstanding quality as you find best safety glasses for shooting.
  • Distortion free, gray/clear/rust lenses able to handle any tasks efficiently.
  • Easy and simple to change the temple lenses.
  • Perfectly work in the desert.
  • Wonderful product at a great price.
  • Black glass not suitable for night use.
  • Nose piece would be clear to make them invisible.

Best anti fog shooting glasses

REMINGTON T-72 Shooting Glasses (Smoke Lens)
  • Smoke Lens
  • Lens provides 99.9% UV protection.
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lens meets or exceeds all ANSI Z87.1+...
  • Wraparound lens provides unobstructed view.
  • Scratch resistant hard coat lens

We’ve all done it, in fact, every single one of us looking for the best eye protection for shooting has admitted to going out to the range without safety glasses. Some of us wear prescription lenses and rely on them more than is safe, while all of us admitted to just being lazy sometimes. However, laziness and cutting corners is a lousy and dangerous way to shoot, and it is fortunate that modern firearms are also incredibly safe.

That is no excuse to not bring shooting glasses along, and the T-72 quickly became one of our favorites due to their high-quality construction, wraparound lenses and incredible levels of personal comfort when worn.

The primary downside to these glasses is their clear color. It’s a well-known fact that amber or orange tinted lenses increase the contrast between objects, and can enhance shooting performance. Of course, not all shooters perceive things the same way, and not all circumstances call for tinted lenses. However, as long as the lack of tinting isn’t an issue, these affordable and highly rated glasses are some of the best eye protection for shooting when used at the range or out in the field while hunting.

Another great use for these would be as spares and loaner glasses, because invariably when you get to the range, one of your buddies forgot something, so it never hurts to have spare safety gear. Grab one or two pairs and see how these well-made shooting glasses work for you.

The reasonable price insists you consider Best Shooting Glasses for the money. Because it offers great protection compared to its cheap price. It is very flexible glass to serve your purpose.
  • Very comfortable glass and well fit into your nose and face.
  • Smoke lens most for indoor activities also perfect for outdoor shooting and commuting.
  • Plastic frame and soft rubber nose piece are good combinations.
  • Protect your eyes 99.9% from UV rays and make safe.
  • The ear piece is not adjustable but well come off if you want to replace them.
  • A Little bit flimsy but able to serve shooting purpose.

Best safety glasses for shooting

Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Indoor/Outdoor Lens Safety...
  • Sleek, sporty, flexible, lightweight design
  • Soft-touch temples for added comfort
  • Single lens wrap-around protection
  • Includes free neck cord
  • Available in reader style lenses

Despite the high reviews, we weren’t sure if these would be some of the best eyewear protection for shooting that we’d run across. However, a quick trip to the range proved us wrong. These reasonably priced shooting glasses come in a convenient twelve pack, making them ideal for gun clubs, spaces for group shootings, Christmas stocking stuffers, or even something to markup a bit and sell in a gun store. They come in a nice assortment of colors and tints, ensuring that a shooter can get whatever color they like best, and offer both front and side protection, making them rather suitable as safety glasses on or off the range.

Designed to meet ANSI standards for personal eye protection, these glasses are also bundled with a lanyard, adding to their functionality. Now while we gave them our seal of approval for the best eyewear protection for shooting, it is important to note that these are generic safety glasses first and shooting glasses somewhat second. They will work for shooting, and quite well, but the primary market is bulk purchasers like construction companies or shooting ranges.

That said, if you need high-quality shooting glasses in bulk, and are after something a bit nicer and trendier than the usual run of the mill shooting glasses, by all means, grab a dozen or two of these. The cost per unit is low, and sometimes no amount of money in the world will buy back an eye injured in a shooting accident.

It is suitable for both men and women. It is perfect for construction, manufacturing, gun shooting/shooting range. The reasonable price with best quality glass is the perfect combination to satisfying your needs.
  • Very comfortable glass and well fit into your nose and face.
  • Smoke lens most for indoor activities also perfect for outdoor shooting and commuting.
  • Plastic frame and soft rubber nose piece are good combinations.
  • Protect your eyes 99.9% from UV rays and make safe.
  • The ear piece is not adjustable but well come off if you want to replace them.
  • A Little bit flimsy but able to serve shooting purpose.

Best color shooting glasses

Radians Shift Interchange Shooting Glasses (5...
  • Interchangeable lenses let you match the light conditions
  • Slip-resistant rubber-tipped temples and nose piece
  • Blocks 99.9% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 standards

The wonderful out looking Radians shift interchange shooting glasses have 5 identical lenses that perfectly fit for any conditions. It is able to provide you great pleasure for your range session.

The 5 different color mirrors give you ultra protection from the different light condition. Green mirror lens is able to protect you from bright sunlight.

The copper lens is for moderate light, an orange lens for limiting eye strain, amber light for increased visibility in low light conditions.

The copper lens is also able to increase your depth perception. Clear lens is most suitable for night and indoor use.

It can block 99.9% from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays and beat ANSI Z87.1 standards. It is highly recommended to purchase this shooting glass. It is much nicer, bit expensive but worth investment and you find multiple lenses is the best glasses for shooting.

It has slip resistance mechanism made with soft rubber-tipped temples. It comes with an essential kit including excellent carrying case, lens cloths, extra nose pieces and foam padded compartment
  • Fast and easy to changes the lenses as the condition changes.
  • Smart case included.
  • Very comfortable to wear this lens.
  • Work great with ear muffs.
  • The case size needs to be improved need bit bigger size.
  • Need to introduce vermilions/purple lens for optimal clarity for clays.

Budget shooting glasses

Duco Night-vision Glasses Polarized Night Driving Men's...
  • 【DUCO POLARIZED YELLOW LENSES】 - Can reduce glare from the...
  • 【Lens:TAC polarized lens, UV400 protection】It is impact resistance...
  • 【BEST LIGHT ENHANCING LENS TINT (Pale Yellow Lenses)】 - Enhance...
  • 【HOW TO TEST FOR POLARIZING GLASSES?】- 1--Put the glasses in front...
  • 【30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】 - All DUCO customers enjoy 30 Day...

This particular glass is able to serve a wide range of purposes. It is a functional glass that helps you from night vision, prescription, sports cycling glasses. You can consider this glass as the best prescription shooting glasses on the market.

Duco men’s shooting glasses for sporting clays have an anti-blue ray radiation protection mechanism. You can find this glass polarized glasses and protect up to UV400. It is excellent quality products with outstanding value for the money.

It ensures maximum safety during driving time. You can use this glass for multipurpose for indoor and outdoor activities.

The frame made of strong aluminum alloy ensure much stronger than the traditional metal frame. It is also very lightweight for your convenient use.

It has night vision lens that able to reduce night driving glare and eye strain. It also has color clarity mechanism and optical definition. You can perfectly drive at night time, cloudy sky, rainy day or even foggy weather.
  • Will not be broken if the lens hits with a hammer.
  • Offer 100% harmful sun’s UV rays protection.
  • Impact resistance mechanism is installed with the lens.
  • Anti-reflective lens for maximum comfort.
  • The driving night glare mechanism needs to be improved.
  • Anti-reflection coating needs to be installed properly next time.

Best Shooting Glasses – Buyer’s Guide

5 Best Shooting Glasses - STUNNING Reviews [Updated]

How to select the Best shooting glasses?

Not only do shooting glasses provide eye protection but they as well enhance a shooter’s or hunter’s view of their target. This is why it is a mandatory for shooters participating in a shooting competition to wear impact resistant glasses. Since there are hundreds of shooting safety glasses available in the market, choosing the best can be challenging. In the next paragraph, we have highlighted some of the vital features and factors you should consider in selecting the top shooting glasses for your purpose or designated environment.

5 Best Shooting Glasses - STUNNING Reviews [Updated]Why should you choose Best Shooting Glasses?

  •  All right, here’s the honest thing. Accident happens before you knew it. How many hunters you know have been eye damaged out of muzzle flash? How many have burned their eyes from the devastating blow of powder? Hope you knew no one, but the fact is there are many hunters out there that are hit accidentally by a ricochet, or even an errant birdshot.
  •  Your eyes are needed to be protected as much as every vital part in your body. If earmuffs are made for your hearing protection, then prescription shooting glasses are designed for your sight protection, make use of it. Make sure the eyewear you will buy is a perfect fit for your head size. This will also protect your eyes from excess cartridges are ejected from the weaponry you are carrying.
  •  Aside from having a guaranteed protection from shooting in the actual field, it also supports and protects your sight, while you’re out there looking for a target. In the shootingaz, there will always be environmental hazards. Trust us, we experienced encountering a tough twig that has left me and my friends scars on our faces. What’s we highly thank for that day, is that we wore our best shooting glasses, so instead of the twigs damaging our eyes, it went to our faces.
  •  What angle we want you to look at is that in the shootingaz, it will be a wooded area. Saw real forest on a movie? That’s what we’re talking about. The stray leaves, branches, twigs, and dust can damage your eyes. Our biggest tip, always make use of your shooting glasses. Also, when cleaning your gun, it’s always a safety tip that you wear shooting glasses to protect your eyes from the cleaning springs and solvents from the gun that may come loose.
  •  All right, so aside from these reasons we have laid out for you, we also wanted you to know that the shooting glasses are important for they can help you target better. The thing is, some glasses can produce quality contrast when shooting. For instance, if you bought yellow glasses, they will turn the white on a black and white target yellow, thus improving the shooter’s accuracy and precision.
  •  The step that is very crucial for you to take is not to read a lot of best glasses for shooting reviews, but to select a perfect shooting glasses that will suit perfectly based on your head size and the contrast color you need for better shooting.

Impact-resistant safety glasses

5 Best Shooting Glasses - STUNNING Reviews [Updated]First of all, shooting glasses should be impact resistant. This feature comes with the lenses and it is rated by several agencies. The most notable rating agency is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

It recommends at least a rating of Z87.1 plus (ANSI Z871+). Also, the glasses should be designed in a way that ensures they cover much of your eyes. Furthermore, a great and common feature found in almost all shooting safety glasses is that they are made from polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate is a strong material and ensures the longevity of the glasses. In addition, every type is able to offer at least 99.9% protection from dangerous UVA-UVB light.

What colour’s of Shooting glasses should I get?

For greater performance of the shooting glasses, lens tints can be a crucial factor. Different colors or tints play different roles and are applied in varying environments by hunters or shooters as discussed below:

  • Orange safety glasses: the orange tint helps to bar out blue light and haze and in the long run giving a better orange target. It is suitable for shooting orange clay targets and is used by many shooters.
  • Pale yellow: the role of this tint is to brighten and contrast colors in low level lighting, which can be used at sunrise, sunset or in the evenings under artificial light. Similar to orange, this tint can be found in many protective glasses.
  • Medium yellow lens: it is suitable for contrasts in dim light or when overcast. It is also desirable for enhancing orange clay targets.
  • Clear: Colorless or clear tints come with a mirror coating that lowers glare and reflects light. It is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Light purple: this color provides a clear contrast to the orange of the target. It emphasizes on a background of tall trees, as it is likely to dampen the green of the foliage and at the same time better the orange of the clay target.
  • Dark purple: It works perfectly in snow and at a place with bright sunlight as it highly betters orange in the sky and lowers glare.
  • Cooper polarized: this tint is suitable for shooting when there is bright sunlight and the target lies on a green background. This is because the blue light is blocked and contrast increased
  • Brown lens: this tint is ideal for game hunters as it identifies the brown color of game birds and reduces light. It is used mostly during bright days when there is too much of a glare against an open background
  • Grey/smoke safety glasses: this is another commonly used tint. It blocks glare and is ideal for using in the bright light area.
  • Vermillion: this is a widely used tint which performs outstandingly in poorly lit backgrounds, like in the presence of trees. It is great for any person with red to green color blindness.


Shooting glasses don’t need to be complicated or uncomfortable. Modern eye protection is both affordable and easy to wear and is made to accommodate every imaginable sort of setting and need, from active combat in the Mid East to an afternoon shooting at cans with an air rifle or a pistol. There are published standards that help keep you safe and ensure you are buying a quality product that will actually protect your eyes in case of an accident, and any number of colored lenses that will enhance your shooting experience or simply make it more comfortable. Modern synthetic materials have given us lightweight and easy wearing frames and lenses, and top-notch shooting glasses are available to fit any budget and any price point. If you are shopping for your first set of shooting glasses or simply looking to get a new or even better set, we’ve got the best shooting glasses right here for you to look over!