The last thing you want to worry about is your feet when you’re on the job. For police, EMS professionals, and military individuals who spend hours at a time standing and patrolling, it’s essential to have a pair of boots that won’t let you down.

So, You are looking for some of the best tactical boots?

Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS Military and Tactical Boot, Reaper Camo (951)/Uniform, 10.5
My Favourite
5.11 Tactical ATAC Men's 8" Leather Jungle Combat Military Coyote Boots, Style 12110
Maelstrom Men's Tac Force Military Tactical Work Boots
Under Armour Valsetz
5.11 ATAC Jungle Boots
Maelstrom Tac Force
Best Military and Tactical Boots
Budget Boots for a great price/quality
Best comfortable
Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS Military and Tactical Boot, Reaper Camo (951)/Uniform, 10.5
Under Armour Valsetz
Best Military and Tactical Boots
My Favourite
5.11 Tactical ATAC Men's 8" Leather Jungle Combat Military Coyote Boots, Style 12110
5.11 ATAC Jungle Boots
Budget Boots for a great price/quality
Maelstrom Men's Tac Force Military Tactical Work Boots
Maelstrom Tac Force
Best comfortable

Law enforcement tasks are very complex especially in the modern era. There is a lot of flexibility and responsibility which executors must be involved as part of their daily routines. Some of these tasks include:

  • Patrolling
  • Public order tasks
  • Playing games like airsoft or paintball
  • Being involved in an unexpected event such as bugging out

Most of the times, when a call comes, there is no time of turning back to get the matching boots for the terrain. This is why you need a good military boot which is able to tackle a wide range of needs when engaged in a rough environment.

Just like combat boots, the best military boots should be comfortable when wearing for extended periods of time. They should offer maximum protection and support to your feet when traversing in rough conditions. They should offer maximum protection against the many hazards your job attracts as well as match your dressing regulations.

One thing you should note though is that military tactical foot wear has a notable difference with police boots. While military boots are designed to withstand a lot of weight, police boots only carry a light weight and should have soles which can absorb impact while keeping you comfortable for longer periods of time.

A review of the best tactical boots 2019

After offering vast information on how to choose the best combat boots, this article will proceed to review some of the best tactical footwear available in the market.

Best Tactical Boot Brand

Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS Military and Tactical Boot,...
  • UA ClutchFit technology wraps your ankle with a lightweight "œsecond...
  • Synthetic leather & textile upper with welded, abrasion resistant film...
  • Full length Micro G foam turns cushioned landings into explosive...
  • Lightweight TPU shank for mid foot support & the right amount of...
  • Molded Ortholite sockliner is designed with a memory foam top & PU...
The Best Tactical Boots

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Under Armour is famous for their apparel, which is popular for everything from casual wear to sport use. Law enforcement and military groups also use Under Armour apparel since it is high quality and tough enough to handle those types of applications.

The brand has had footwear available for a while now but many assume it is only athletic footwear. They actually have a few boots available, including a couple tactical models that are worth a look at. One such model is the UA Valsetz RTS.

The Valsetz RTS is a upgrade from the original Valsetz boots and while they aren’t perfect, they could be a good choice for someone that likes the look of tactical footwear or needs something for weekly use.

  • Memory foam interior
  • Non-slip sole
  • Light enough to run
  • Multiple colors available
  • Adhesive on sole may wear out over time


[wpmfc_cab_ss]While Under Armour is known for quality, they simply missed the marks with these boots. The overall comfort of these boots, as well as their other benefits, are worth noting however.[/wpmfc_cab_ss]
The Best Tactical Boots

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Best Military Combat Boots

5.11 Tactical ATAC Men's 8" Leather Jungle Combat Military...
  • MULTIPURPOSE WORK BOOTS: Whether you’re looking for a solid pair of...
  • TOUGH LEATHER CONSTRUCTION: Our boots don’t use cheap, faux leather....
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Our boots feature a full-length, dual-density...
  • MILITARY STANDARDS FOR SAFETY: Our 5.11 boots are built to American...
  • BLACK TACTICAL BOOT: This 8” tactical boot features 100% full-grain...

5.11 ATAC Men’s Boots are designed with a military mind. Available in 8 inches size, these boots come with a comfortable, superior and tough design which keeps you well protected in every step you make… [Insert The Police – Every Breath You Take  ]. Among the smart features you’ll find with these black tactical boots include; a suede leather and nylon upper, waterproof dual cushioned foot-bed, a molded phylon midsole which is slip resistant as well as a padded tongue and color which keeps your ankle well protected at all times. Due to the lightweight features of these boots they are ideal for military uses.

  • The 5.11 ATAC Men’s Boots are completely waterproof keeping you comfortable in swampy areas.
  • Users can easily get through metal detectors without the boots raising any alarm.
  • The innersole and significant padding of these combat boots keeps your legs and ankle comfortable when matching for long distances.
  • The heavy stitching and glued sole of the 5.11 ATAC Men’s Boots is intact and doesn’t separate with the boot easily.
  • The zipper doesn’t come all the way down after a long use. This gives you a hard time when trying to get your feet inside the boot.


5.11 ATAC has a guarantee your feet high level of safety and comfort and you execute your military or tactical operation duties. Nevertheless, these boots have shock mitigation systems in addition to highly traction grip outsole resistant to oil and slips associated with wet surfaces. This boot is a superior product meant to enhance comfort, durability, speed and accuracy in any military or tactical, operational grounds.The Best Tactical Boots

Best Waterproof Boots

Maelstrom Men's Tac Force Military Tactical Work Boots
  • For every pair of Maelstrom boots we sell, we donate 1 dollar to the...
  • Boots are available in multiple colors (black, tan) and styles (side...
  • Polishable full grain leather and nylon upper for a professional look....
  • Removable, shock absorbent cushion insert for all day comfort. Padded...

The Maelstrom TAC FORCE Military Boots are heavyweight zipper boots designed specifically for law enforcement personnel. This tactical footwear is designed to perform well in diverse environments. Among the brilliant features you’re expected to find in these tactical boots include; water resistant leather and nylon materials, padded color and tongue for extra protection, durable rubber outsole and a breathable moisture wick which prevents bacterial buildup on your feet. Furthermore, the rubberized foot sole ensures that users are well protected even in smooth and slippery surfaces. Its light construction and flexibility allows for easy movement and maneuverability from one place to another.

  • These boots are very light and easy to maneuver for all types of users.
  • The leather material used to design these boots is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The zipper works out nicely and offer maximum comfortability to your ankle.
  • The Maelstrom TAC FORCE Military Boots are designed to withstand all types of rough weathers and terrains.
  • Others have criticized the suede material stating that it looks light and cheap.


Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force 8 Inch Zipper Tactical Boot performs very well in all types of environments with its resistant to water leather and nylon, padded tongue, and collar to enhance your comfort. Besides, these boots can endure many years of heavy wear.

Best Construction Boots

Bates Men's 8" Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military...
  • YKK side zipper for quick on/off
  • Slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Durable leather and performance nylon upper
  • Moisture wicking, breathable lining
  • Removable cushioned insert

One of the Bates company’s most popular style, this tactical boot encompasses numerous features to provide sturdy boots

Made from long-lasting leather any nylon with cushioned removable inserts, these boots aim to give the wearer’s comfort and durability as well as a slip-resistant outsole to increase grip.

Bates, manufacturing this ultra-lites boots, have been an invaluable asset to uninformed personal for over 10 years. They are built with high-quality leather and nylon and are kitted out with a breathable membrane to keep your feet nice and cool.

Priced at around $90, they are much cheaper than many others on the market and seem to be almost as good, if not better than many of their competitors. They offer good, strong support and the zippers on the sides allow them to be easily taken on and off, without the unnecessary hassle of having to completely undo and redo the laces.

  • Low price
  • Non-metallic
  • Successfully qualify the SATRA WTM 144 test for slip resistance
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Removeable cushioned footbed
  • Shock absorbing pads
  • Lightweight
  • Take a long time to break in


They aren’t the most comfortable tactical boots on the market but they aren’t excessively uncomfortable and for what they lack in comfort, they make up for in their reduced price

Best Tactical Boots Buyer’s Guide

The Best Tactical Boots

Getting the best fit

Problem Sir?

So, what are you looking for if you wish to purchase the best military boots for your combat needs? The first thing to consider is the right size which will keep you comfortable and of course match your gear. Note that, if you like wearing thick socks, you’ll be forced to purchase tactical footwear which is a bit bigger than your normal foot size. This will ensure that your boots are not too tight and uncomfortable when matching.

Get the best foot wear which meets your needs

The best tactical boots can be used by different personnel dealing in a wide array of professions. Tactical boots can be used by law enforcement personnel, military, firefighters as well as other jobs where your feet need maximum protection. 5.11 tactical boots are among the best brands to consider as the manufacturer has a wide array of choices ranging from waterproof tactical boots to ordinary combat boots.

Advanced technology

Back to the future boots… Anyone?

In this modern era, technology has been in the lead in almost every field. When it comes to choosing the best tactical boots, select the boot which have the highest level of durability. Most of these boots come with Coolmax and Dri-lex linings which increase comfortability. In addition to this, most of these boots also come with slip resistant soles which offer a maximum amount of traction even in oily or freezing conditions.

Check on the price

In most shops, you will notice that tactical boots cost a significant amount of money. In order to make a precise selection, ensure that you purchase cheap tactical boots which come with similar features found in their high end predecessors.

The manufacturers of the best tactical boots

After an in-depth research, several manufacturers of tactical footwear were sampled according to their advanced versions of footwear made. Among these manufacturers include:

5.11 Tactical

This company is highly recognized for producing high quality tactical gear. They have however gone a mile further and produced lightweight 5.11 tactical boots which are designed with nylon and suede materials for maximum breathability, durability and flexibility. These boots feature a well-lugged aggressive sole which is oil and slip resistant, a side zipper for fast donning and doffing and are available in Coyote Brown and Black colors.

Bates Boots

This company has been in the industry for over 100 years now. They are among the best manufacturers of tactical gears worn by both men and women. Their new line of tactical boots which include; the GX-4 Gore-Tex, GX-8 Gore-Tex and GX-8 Gore-Tex are all waterproof and made of heavy weight leather, ballistic nylon, Gore-Tex lining and slip resistant rubber outsole.


Blackhawk is another company which produces high quality tactical gear for both men and women. The company has been in the verge to produce quality waterproof tactical boots commonly known as BlackHawk Warrior Wear Light Assault Boots. These boots offer excellent ventilation, oil resistant rubber soles, designed with Dri-Lex inner lining to wick away moisture and a nylon material which offers quick drying time making these boots the best for maritime operations.

Magnum (Hi-Tec)

The Elite Spider new patrol boot is another black tactical boot which has been designed with a military mind. The company has highly emphasized on weight and comfort through producing a boot which is 20% lighter than any other tactical footwear in the arena. These combat boots features; a flexible design, full grain leather with breathable aero mesh for ventilation and are all available in 3, 5 and 8 inch styles.


The Best Tactical Boots

Although there are some minor cons which customers are expected to experience with tactical footwear, the 5.11 ATAC Men’s Boots and Maelstrom TAC FORCE Military Boots are some of the best combat boots in the market offering you the best user experience in their category. Most of the manufacturers have been able to offer customers cheap tactical boots which are not only durable but also capable of withstanding rough environments effortlessly.

After reviewing some of the best tactical boots in the market, the 5.11 ATAC Men’s Boots are the best in the category. These boots are not only lightweight but also come with heavy duty waterproof materials which enable them to work well even in rough weather conditions. These tactical boots have a molded phylon midsole which is slip resistant as well as a padded tongue and color which keeps your ankle well protected at all times.

Second in the list, we have the Maelstrom TAC FORCE Military Boots which are heavy weight tactical zipper boots designed for use by military personnel and firefighters. Designed with water resistant leather and nylon materials, these boots have a durable rubber outsole, breathable moisture wick and rubberized foot sole which offers extra protection even in diverse environments.

Whether you wish to purchase the 511 tactical boots ATAC or the Maelstrom TAC FORCE Military Boots, you would like to find them at a cheap price. We found these boots to be the cheapest on amazon.