If you do anything that involves shooting or having projectiles fly at you your chest rig and plate carrier are part of the clothing you need to perform. Either that, or you’re going to be walking around with ammo magazines clunking in your pocket, and no ballistic protection, and that’s just not effective.

If you have ever worn a tactical vest before, you will know how handy they are. Basically, it’s like having 10 quick-access pockets where you barely notice any weight. If you think about it, it’s an item that a lot of people could find very useful, whether you’re a tradesman, surgeon, or a chef.

In their more-useful environment, being conflict areas, a vest provides body armor protection against bullets and shrapnel and can potentially save your life. Having that accessibility and protection ensures that not only are you protected, but you are able to move with ease while carrying the gear you need to survive.

Product NameQuality 
Lancer Tactical Chest HarnessHighCheck Price

Condor Utility Combat ReconHighCheck Price
Condor Rapid AssaultMediumCheck Price
VISM by NcStar Molle Pals Vest
(Editor’s Choice)
HighCheck Price
Nc Star Heavy Duty Children’s VestHighCheck Price

 Lancer Tactical Chest Harness

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Available in a set of different colors such as Black, OD Green, Camo and Tan, the Lancer Tactical Chest Harness has been designed with a military mind offering a range of different pouches and pockets to accommodate all your personal accessories. This light weight plate carrier accommodates a medium ballistic protector, a triple magazine pouch, additional pouches to hold 2 pistol magazines, 3 magazines, spare pistols, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a pack of gums. With a price of around $60, the Lancer Tactical Chest Harness is ideal for police and military personnel or those civilians willing to purchase it for security reasons.

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  • The Lancer Tactical Chest Harness is made of high quality fabrics and materials which promote durability.
  • It’s customizable and comes with additional pouches admin and magazine pouches.
  • Users can easily customize the pouches adding them on specific places for easy relocation and reloading of your pistol.
  • The straps are adjustable and easily fit any type of user whether young or old.
  • The Lancer Tactical Chest Harness is stated uncomfortable due to its loose straps.

Condor Utility Combat Recon

Condor Recon Chest Rig (Tan)
  • -Three BUILT IN stackerKangaroo type mag pouch, will hold six M4 mag...
  • -Swivel Push-Button release buckle
  • -Padded cross-back shoulder strap

Designed to satisfy the demands of the modern battlefield, the Condor Utility Combat Recon
has been designed with the ability to accept plate carriers of 10×13 inches both at the front and at the back. This black plate carrier also comes with hook and loop panels both at the front and the back for security reasons. Some selling features which users will enjoy with this tactical plate carrier vest include; hydration hose straps, ability to adjust the plate carrier completely from the shoulder straps to the cummerbund and front kangaroo pockets for storing maps, keys and other personal items. Other security features which come with the Condor Utility Combat Recon include an emergency drag handle and a pull tab which allows you to easily ditch your gear in case of emergency.

  • The Gunner Lightweight MOLLE Vest has MOLLE webbing which allows it to handle more pouches effortlessly.
  • The back and front plates are well designed to offer maximum protection and safety to any user.
  • Both the waist and shoulder straps are strong and compact and are designed to fit any person no matter the size.
  • The vest can hold over 60 pounds of weight when fully equipped making it ideal for military and law enforcement personnel.
  • The entire plate carrier is bulky and unsuitable for very skinny users.

Condor Rapid Assault

Condor Tactical Rapid Assault Chest Rig (Black)
  • Padded cross-back shoulder strap with webbing and D-rings
  • Six open-top mag pouches
  • Four elastic loops (two each side)
  • Front pocket pouch with hook and loop panel inside

The Rapid Assault is another example of a military tactical vest plate carrier which has been designed to offer maximum security to its users. This high quality gear has a lightweight design and comes with both medium and large ESAPI plates at the back and in the front for maximum safety. This unit takes advantage of the all padded interior and quick adjustment straps which are comfortable and simple to use. Designed with an emergency drag handlequick release buckles, padded mesh interior and genuine Crye Precision MultiCam, this tactical plate carrier vest is the best to consider for people looking for quality and performance.

  • This lightweight plate carrier has the ability to carry 3 AR15 magazines, a radio and two pistols making it ideal for law enforcement personnel answering a high threat scenario or a shootout.
  • The entire gear is well constructed and is available at an affordable price.
  • This tactical black plate carrier is customizable. Users can easily add more pouches depending with the task it’s intended to do.
  • There are lots of straps available to keep the gear compact while in use.
  • Some customers have complained about the front and back Velcro plates stating that they’re a little bigger.
  • There is no internal padding between you and the plates.

Best Tactical Vest with Molle PALS System

VISM by NcStar Molle/Pals Vest/Black (CPV2915B)
  • Available in sizes: M-XXL
  • Includes Heavy Duty Pistol Belt Attaches Securely to Vest to Keep...
  • 3 Front Buckles, 6 Side Adjustment Straps, and Adjustable Shoulders...
  • Heavy Double Mesh Lined with Reinforced Nylon PALS Webbing Cover this...
  • Padded Hydration System Compartment Holds Bladder Neatly in Place...

The VISM by NcStar Molle Pals Vest is of heavy duty and is a tactical vest for the price because of its tactical loops as well as the adjustable shoulder panels. It has a pistol belt and it’s more flexible than most others out there for the construction. It will fit most body types and it can keep everything in place as a higher quality vest that is much more ventilated than others.
Great for the military industry, the tactical vest comes with 3 front buckles so you can have as much stuff as you want and keep AR mags attached. It has adjustable webbing straps plus there are also 6 side adjustment straps. The tactical vest is great with the buckles and it is also ideal for cosplay and air soft.

Being super adjustable, the tactical vest comes with adjustable shoulders and you will love the molle system for ease of attachment. It is worth the price without too much weight and it is a solid tactical vest to consider for a paintball vest. With side straps, the molle compatible pouches work well for a custom fit and storage.

This all around vest can hold rounds of reloads and you need this vest if you are a heavy user. It feels study and it comes with adjustable front buckles which are of military standard. The double mesh makes it great to wear in any fashion and it is also great for costumes. With reinforced nylon and durability, the tactical vest is a great tactical vest for woods-ball and the belt is adjustable as well.

With molle pals, the tactical vest fits great and is quite fully adjustable to give you immediate control. The tactical vest also comes with webbing cover so this won’t fall apart like others. With a drag handle strap, the tactical vest comes with a lot of breathability for maximum ventilation from top to bottom.

The tactical vest comes with a heavy duty belt so it is great for army use. It is a very heavy duty vest with a padded hydration system and it looks great due to the mesh webbing and the many configuration possibilities. The tactical vest has a lot of compartments and the design is very ergonomic.

You can enjoy the vest and store pistol magazine pouches as it also holds a bladder. With a great construction quality such as tough PVC material, the side strap keepers are great and the front and back panel construction is superb. With awesome shoulder seams, the price and versatility of this tactical vest is good overall.

What’s more, it is highly adjustable and is also customizable that it fits great on most sizes. With a hydration system compatible design, the tactical vest is perfect for many scenarios as a tactical vest that is adjustable to any size. There is also a pocket for a camel back and it uses PALS pouches.

You will be very happy for the utility pouches in this tactical vest. For those looking for a modular vest, this is a great tactical vest for their various accessories.

  • The material made to construct the mesh is thick and sturdy, forming part of an overall tough, heavy-duty tactical vest
  • The left side of the collarbone region features a pocket which can house a walkie-talkie
  • Nice variation in what you can fit – either a P2220 (or M1911/Glock 17) or a couple of extra mags if you rather want to house six rifle mags
  • Lots of space in a total of seven pockets which can effectively be reconfigured to store a range of items
  • Some areas of the vest are a little uneven
  • It is quite stiff
  • The black-colored bit on the rifle stock’s grip sort of takes away from the whole idea of the vest being camouflage

Best Tactical Vest for Children

Nc Star Children's Vest, Black, Small
  • Material: Heavy Duty PVC
  • Size: 8-13 year olds
  • Includes pistol belt to keep every thing in place
  • Children's Vest

The Nc Star Heavy Duty Children’s Vest is great for kids for its PVC material durability which can fit perfect on most kids and is very adjustable for 8 to 13 years old. With excellent quality, it has thick metal snaps and you can keep extra ammo magazines. The pistol holster is removable and is also adjustable.

With a Velcro patch, it can handle 2 rifle magazines as a very good vest that can be a combat vest or a children’s vest. The size is definitely adjustable and it is made of molle webbing which is great for air soft. The vest fits most children and is great for winter coats. You can also take off the belt and it also has plenty of pockets.To adjust the fit is a breeze with the pistol belt. It has a nice fit and you will love this vest as it adjusts accordingly due to the shoulder adjustments. It can fit a 30-round AR magazine and it has straps and Velcro which feel authentic.

As a starter vest which can be expanded, this is adorable for kids and is definitely adjustable and workable that will leave you so impressed. Great for the nerf gun holder, it would expand for kids’ use.

  • The included pistol belt works very well to secure everything properly in its place
  • The size is adjustable, so it fits a lot of different sized kids
  • Very durable children’s vest which is made of heavy duty material (PVC)
  • Kids will outgrow this vest very quickly
  • It really does seem like it was built for children because even if you’re small enough to fit into it, it won’t really hold your magazines, although it does fit a pistol nicely in the holster

What is a Tactical Plate Carrier Vest?

A tactical plate carrier vest is designed with extra layers of protection for both military and police personnel. They have been made with great designs and styles which enable them to carry a great deal of supplies when going out. Other than being used by law enforcement personnel, plate carriers with pouches are ideal for fishermen, hunters, outdoorsmen or any other person willing to traverse in the wilderness. Tough plate carriers are made to carry armour plates they can be used without the armour plates. You can use chest rigs for this.

The best plate carriers have multiple compartments, pockets and holders which help you store more accessories and personal assets for a safer reach. Most companies have tried to advance this feature through designing the pockets with comfort and mobility to make them convenient and more user-friendly when being worn in outdoor pursuits or during strenuous activities in the rough terrains.

What are Tactical Plate Carrier Vests used for?

How to Choose the Best Tactical Vests and Plate Carriers

Tactical plate vest carriers come with different configurations/sizes and are designed to accomplish different tasks. When choosing the best plate carrier, you’re recommended to list the type of items you intend to carry, the terrain you’re likely to operate on and the climatic conditions you’re going to deal with. Through that, you’ll be able to have a plate carrier with pouches which will be able to accomplish all your needs with ease.

The most popular types of tactical plate carrier vests are the ones used by military or law enforcement personnel. These units are made of high quality fabrics and materials which offer maximum protection to users. Other than being used by the military, most people prefer buying cheap plate carriers to bolster their safety, comfort or during their sporting activities. Due to this reason, most manufacturers have gone a mile further to design plate carriers with pouches specifically for citizen’s uses such as combat gaming, hunting, prepping and orienteering.

How to choose the right tactical plate carrier vest

How to Choose the Best Tactical Vests and Plate Carriers

Today, many companies are manufacturing different types of tactical vest plate carriers with a combination of comfort and functionality. These plate carriers come with different sizes, different number of pouches and have different designs intended to accomplish different tasks. When choose the right tactical plate carrier vest, it’s important to pay attention to the:

  • Size
  • The number of pouches
  • Ability to allow personal modification

For instance, if you enjoy paddling a canoe, it’s important to choose a lightweight plate carrier which has fewer pouches which will not constrict your range of motion. Tactical plate carrier vests come in different types and prices. It’s therefore important to select the best plate carrier which will meet your needs without any struggles.

How to customize your tactical plate carrier vest

Most tactical vests come with precise designs which allow easy customization. Before purchasing your tactical vest, it’s important to know which kind of tasks its intended to do so that you can decide whether to purchase one with many pouches, different colors or less pockets. Through this, you will be able to spend less on tactical plate carrier vests as compared to customizing them.

On the other hand, if you wish to customize your vest, you’ll have to purchase the pouches separately or in sets which is expensive. The pouches are then attached to the mesh parts of your lightweight plate carrier to give you a unique configuration depending on your needs. These configurations are very important as they allow you to easily access your weapons, medical supplies or life saving techniques without having to look at the vest.

For some users, having the right colors which complements the background is an essential factor. Most tactical vest plate carriers come with a number of camouflage colors which include; black, green, grey and brown. These colors are important in a number of areas such as military operations, paintball and airsoft games where stealth is required.

Choosing the right color for your tactical vest

Tactical vest plate carriers are available in the market in a range of different colors to bolster convenience and security. For instance, police and military personnel prefer wearing tactical plate carrier vests which complement their background. Ordinary civilians who enjoy fishing and hunting should wear vests with high visibility while paintball lovers should go for black plate carriers which promote stealth and maintain low visibility.

How to Choose the Best Tactical Vests and Plate Carriers

Available color patern

Something else to consider when choosing the right color for your gear is the climate and the terrain. If you’re going to use your tactical vest in hot temperatures, don’t choose a black plate carrier for you’ll definitely regret it. On the other hand, a khaki tactical plate carrier vest is not the best to consider if stealth is necessary as reflects very little in low light.

Now that you know how to choose the right tactical plate carrier vest to suit your needs, let’s review some of the best plate carriers in the market today to give you more information to help you make an informed decision at the long run.


It’s important to note that there are many types of the tactical plate carrier vests available in the market. Each of these vests has been designed to serve a particular purpose and is available at a particular price. Through reading this article, users will be able to choose the right tactical plate carrier vest which will satisfy their needs.

After reviewing some of the best gears available in the market, the Condor Sentry Vest and the Condor Gunner Lightweight MOLLE Vest are the best in the category. Both of these tactical carriers with pouches have been welcomed with positive criticism by most customers due to their large Velcro plates, customizability and ability to hold more weights without experiencing any challenges. They are light weight and available at a price range of between of $60-$70.