In the world of hunting, there is a huge range of gear considered to be absolutely essential, such as your firearm , ammunition, knife and first aid kit. On the other hand, there is an even greater range of items many hunters consider non-essential, which, although not absolutely necessary, can still provide you with a number of added benefits. A turkey hunting vest is one such item, offering you a range of advantages that can help make your next hunting trip more comfortable and organized.

Unfortunately, the best turkey vest is likely to set you back somewhere between $100-200. This may seem like a lot for a so-called non-essential piece of hunting gear. On the other hand, the advantages provided by the best turkey hunting vest ensure that this is money well spent, as after even one day out sitting against a tree or behind your blind , you’ll quickly wonder how you ever got by without one.

Of course, compared to your gun, ammo and decoys , a good turkey vest is obviously a secondary consideration. However, by investing in a quality vest, you’ll ensure that you have plenty of pockets and space to pack all of your essential gear and also a convenient pouch for storing any birds you manage to get. There’s nothing worse than getting out into the field only to discover that you forgot something essential at home or in your vehicle. By choosing a quality turkey hunting vest with plenty of storage pockets, you can pack all of your essential gear before leaving home to ensure you never again forget your license or any other necessary items.

Not only that, but a quality turkey vest can also help keep you more comfortable throughout your day of hunting. This is because many of the top turkey hunting vests provide added support for your back. As well, many of the top models also feature a fold-out padded seat to add some extra cushion. Instead of being forced to sit on the cold, hard ground all day, these vests provide an added layer of protection to ensure you rest easily.

What to Look for in the Best Turkey Vest?

When looking to buy a new turkey hunting vest, there are a number of factors you’ll need to consider.



First and foremost is the price, as you can easily find a number of top-dollar vests, as well as a range of more affordable items. However, like many products, price is almost invariably linked to quality.

This means that while it may seem like you’re getting a great deal, it’s important that you consider the overall quality and durability of the vest as well. While the top vests feature the appropriate level of padding and support needed to keep you comfortable throughout the day, many of the cheaper brands skimp on these essential items. As well, many of the less expensive vests are quite cheaply made. This means you’re not likely to get more than a season or two’s worth of use out of it before it falls apart.

On the other hand, if you invest that little bit extra in buying one of the best turkey hunting vests, you’ll not only be getting a well-padded, comfortable vest with plenty of storage and support, but also a well-constructed product built to withstand the test of time. Although spending $150 to $200 for a hunting vest may seem a bit extreme, doing so means you’ll be rewarded with a comfortable, high-quality vest that you can continue to use for years and years to come.

Storage Space​

Another thing you’ll want to pay attention to when shopping for turkey hunting vests is storage space. Since one of the biggest benefits of wearing a turkey vest is being able to keep all of your necessary items within reach, you’ll obviously want to ensure that you choose one with enough storage pockets. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more minimalist vest, you can also find a range of models with only a few pockets designed for storing your ammo and a few other essentials.

Turkey Vest With a Seat?​

One other major factor to consider is whether or not you’d prefer a vest with a seat. The best turkey vest with a seat will definitely allow you to remain more comfy throughout the hunt. However, the seat also adds a bit of extra bulk to the vest, which isn’t always ideal for everyone. Although most of the better vests feature a detachable seat, you’ll still have to pack it in with you, which is something else to consider.

Turkey Vest Reviews​

Considering the huge range of turkey hunting vests currently on the market, finding the best one for your needs can be a tricky proposition. Therefore, to help you in your search, here are reviews for some of the top products, allowing you to see whether or not each one meets your specific needs and your budget.


Ol’ Tom Time and Motion I-Beam 2.0 Turkey Vest

With a price tag just over $150, the Ol’ Tom Time and Motion I-Beam 2.0 definitely isn’t the cheapest vest on the market, but it just might be the best. This vest provides ample, easy-to-access storage pockets, including space for two slate calls and strikers, two box calls, two locators and four diaphragm calls, all of which are easily reachable from the front of the vest.

Still, what really separates this vest from the pack is the unique I-Beam construction, which uses a special padded-back section to ensure you stay comfortable while leaning against a tree. While many vest feature similar back padding, this Ol’ Tom vest takes it one step further by extending the padding so that it protects not only your spine, but also your shoulder blades and all across your lower back.

This vest truly has virtually everything you could need, including a decoy bag, a blood-proof lined game bag, water bottle pocket, gun cradle and even a blaze orange flag. As well, it also comes with the Magnattach Seat Cushion, an extra thick, padded seat that attaches to the vest with magnets to ensure you won’t waste your time struggling with straps or clips. All in all, you’d be hard pressed to find a better turkey hunting vest.

Tenzing TZ TP14 Turkey Hunting Pack with Seat

As far as comfort and protection are concerned, very few, if any, turkey vests can compete with this outstanding Tenzing product . However, in truth it is really more like a backpack with a detachable seat than it is an actual vest. In fact, this is the only reason that it isn’t in first place on our list. Still, if you’re looking for something to carry around all of your turkey hunting gear in that also helps cushion you against the hard ground, you could do a whole lot worse than this outstanding product.

This pack features a sturdy internal aluminum frame for added support and a large, padded seat that ensures total comfort throughout the day. However, due to the size of the seat, this pack does sacrifice a bit in terms of storage space. As well, at over $200, it is slightly expensive for what it does. Nonetheless, if you want to be guaranteed to not have a sore butt after a day of turkey hunting, few products will be more successful at helping you meet this goal.

Primos Gobbler Turkey Vest

Although it might not be the absolute best turkey vest on the market, the Primos Gobbler might just be the best turkey vest for the money. While other top turkey vests will set you back well over $100, this one costs less than half of that, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a combination of quality, comfort and affordability.

In terms of storage space and back protection/support, this vest definitely can’t compare with the Ol’ Tom vest, as it features fewer and less accessible pockets. As well, the seat on this vest is neither quite as soft or padded as on the Tenzing or Ol’ Tom models. It also attaches uses straps, meaning it’s not quite as simple to take on and off. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a high-quality turkey vest that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, few models can match the Primos Gobbler turkey vest.

ScentBlocker Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest

ScentBlocker produces a range of excellent hunting clothing and gear, including the incredibly popular Thunder Chicken turkey vest . Don’t let the silly name fool you, as this is one serious (-ly comfortable) vest. The storage space on this model doesn’t quite compare to most of the others on this list, even if it still does provide enough pockets for the majority of hunters.

However, where this vest really shines is in terms of padding, comfort and support. If you’re looking for something that guarantees your total comfort throughout the day, this is easily one of the best turkey vests money can buy. Thick shoulder pads, back protection, a padded seat and a breathable mesh back combine to make this the most comfortable turkey hunting vest we’ve ever come across, making it more than worthy of a spot on this list.

Under Armour Fast Track Turkey Vest

Under Armour has a bit of a mixed reception in the hunting world, but no matter what your opinion of the company is, there’s no doubt that its Fast Track turkey vest is an outstanding product. This is by far one of the most well-designed and well-built vests around, capable of taking a beating for years without fail.

One of the lightest vests on the market, the Under Armour Fast Track still provides ample support, padding and storage capabilities. A unique feature of this vest is that the back panel folds out from the vest to create the padded seat. Although the seat isn’t quite as comfortable as some others, the fact that it is integrated directly into the vest is a handy design feature. As well, this vest also uses a special magnet closure on the front pocket, allowing you to easily open and close it using only one hand.

While this definitely isn’t the cheapest turkey hunting vest on the market, the combination of durability, accessibility and support make it well worth the money.


As you can see, finding a good turkey hunting vest isn’t all that difficult, as there are a wide range of products sure to suit your needs. Nonetheless, the best turkey vest provides more than just a place to store your things, as evidenced by all of the excellent features and benefits provided by the products listed above.