HSGI AO Chest Rig - All Colors
  • Whether utilized by military, law enforcement, or responsibly armed...
  • Front panel is efficiently constructed to provide three rows and eight...
  • Panel has side openings to store paperwork or maps
  • H-harness is included with the chest rig that allows the weight to be...
  • Proudly made in the USA and covered by a manufacturer's Lifetime...

For citizens, military and law enforcement individuals, a chest rig is one of the essentials to ensure that they carry out their duties efficiently. A right chest rig enables the user to carry useful equipment such as ammunition without having to carry a backpack. Also, it offers protection to the user’s chest as well as acting as a storage space for maps and other relatively small things that needs to be quickly available to the person.

HSGI AO Small Chest Rig Review – HSGI Chest Rig

Here is a detailed review of HSGI AO small chest rig. The review focuses on its features, benefits, pros and cons.

HSGI AO Small Chest Rig Review – HSGI Chest Rig

Features and Benefits of the HSGI Chest Rig

The HSGI chest rig is one of the low cost chest rigs but is still rich in features. This chest rig’s front is efficiently constructed to offer the user eight columns and three rows of PALS. Also, it has inside openings where the user can store maps.

This chest rig has a carry handle attached to the top to make it easier for the user just to grab and wear it.

Also, HSGI chest rig comes with a H-harness, which ensures that the weight of the chest rig is distributed evenly. This creates comfort above the X-backed should straps which help to tighten this chest rig on the user’s body.

Another benefit of using the HSGI AO small chest rig is that it is lightweight (12.8 ounces) and this ensures that the user does not get tired easily and can wear it for a long time.

  •    Compact
  •    Light Weight
  •    Modular
  •    Low Profile
  •    Removable straps
  •    The chest rig is made from a durable material
  •    An excellent choice for carrying useful equipment such as ammunition and maps
  • HSGI is determined to create the best battle proven tactical gear available.  All their small chest rigs have been designed based on the feedback from various users and the operational experiences.  These products are designed to offer the highest possible level of functionality, versatility, and comfort to the user. It is ideal for tactical use.
  • It’s a small chest rig so it’s not suited for very big people.


From this review, it is clear that the HSGI AO small chest rig is an ideal chest rig for people who do not need a big chest rig. The rig is lightweight and can carry a few tools along the way. Check it out here on Amazon.com

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