Stealth Cam G30 ReviewThe time of the hunting electronics is now. Never before have outdoorsmen of all types had so much powerful information and technology available to help scout and hunt wild game. The market is now flooded with high quality trail cameras to help scout for deer, turkeys and big game. Many of the cameras have very minor differences and it can be hard to choose a camera among the fog. Reading game camera reviews such as this Stealth Cam G30 review can be helpful to decide what you could need.

Choosing a trail camera can be easy if you know what to shop for. Different price points bring different pictures but overall the three biggest things to look for in a camera are: trigger speed, picture and video quality, and battery life.

A large number of cheap trail cameras on the market are available with a whole host of features but if the trigger speed is slow you’ll only snap the hind end of deer passing through the field of view or no picture at all. You can have an awesome crisp picture and HD quality video with audio but if the batteries die, you won’t get any pictures.

The Stealth Cam G30 is a new offering in a mid-price range that offers high-end performance. Stealth Cam as a company is known for great quality products that are easy to use and do exactly what they’re designed to do. Balanced features that are easy to use are the name of the game for the Stealth Cam G30.

Stealth Cam G30 8MP Infrared Scouting Game Trail Camera w/HD...
  • Game Camera
  • 30 IR emitters increase nighttime picture quality
  • Storage files on an 32GB SD card to compile recon over a long period...
  • Spot that monster buck and see where, when, and under what conditions...
  • Camera features 5 59 second video recording to see how the deer are...


The Stealth Cam G30 has limited features on a trail camera but everything it does it does very well. It has an 8mp camera that can be changed to 4mp or 2mp for wide angle shots on field edges or creeks crossing. It can record HD from 5 to 180 seconds in color. The all-important trigger speed, a defining feature of all trail cameras, is a respectable .5 second for the first picture and a recovery time of around 10 seconds. That may seem like a long time but that is extremely fast for a camera of this price. The burst mode can take up to 9 pictures ranging from 5-59 seconds.

Setting up the G30 is extremely easy to use. Try it out at home and figure out all the setting and then figure out the best for where you’d like to hang it. The Stealth Cam triad 8mp camera is plenty small enough to hide easily and the plastic housing with rubber gasket is tough and weather tight.

Picture quality is good for judging the age of deer and bears you may see on the picture but far away shots across a food plot may get slightly blurry. The best feature by far of this model is the video. Being able to get high quality video of deer moving around during a trail camera survey was an A-HA moment. I really enjoyed the video at this price point and quality level. Here is a clip of some night time video shot with the G30:

The Stealth Cam G30 IR camera feature works well. At night the camera takes good pictures that see any details that you would need to identify individuals. The IR flash is powerful but doesn’t wash out images that are close to the camera like some cheaper models might.


The best sides of the Stealth Cam G30 game camera are the initial trigger speed and crisp pictures and videos.

It costs less than other cameras of comparable features with better quality and has a no-glow IR camera.

The electronics are powerful enough to give options across the best uses of the camera but not at all complicated.

The simplicity but usefulness of this camera isn’t realized until you upgrade to other cameras and realize the utility of this low priced high-quality camera.


The downside of the camera is the batteries required. It pretty much takes a whole package of batteries and they last six months. The costs of the batteries are worth it with the time they last but for someone with multiple cameras batteries can get expensive.

The other downside is although the camera fires in less than half a second for the first picture the second picture can come as late as 10 seconds later. This leaves a lot to be desired but can’t really be fixed except on higher-end models.

Stealth Cam G30 Review: Overall

The true calling of the Stealth Cam G30 is the guy who needs lots of medium quality cameras. The Stealth Cam G30 review proves that the value of the camera is fantastic for the price you pay and it has many high end features that cameras of different brands charge more for. This camera would do well in thicker areas where long shots aren’t needed and extreme detail isn’t necessary. An ideal piece of equipment for trail camera surveys or any other a leave and forget camera that stays out all year.

No matter the use for the Stealth Cam G30 it will get the job done. When you buy this product you can expect an affordable camera with features usually reserved for higher-priced units that are easy to access and use.